September 28, 2004 FleetCenter – Boston, MA

Show Notes

Fan club members got a pre-sale access code to purchase tickets for this show via Ticketmaster. Gob Roberts, Tim Robbins’ band opens, followed by Death Cab for Cutie. At the start of his preset, Ed comments on how good it is to see who the faithful really are. There is some discussion among the band before starting ‘Release.’ Before ‘DTE,’ Ed comments about playing “Boston proper” again (vs. the Tweeter Center in Mansfield). Ed introduces ‘Down’ and Howard Zinn (“a true American patriot”) comes on stage and says, “Stop the war.” Lots of big sing alongs with Ed looking pleased. ‘Low Light” is very pretty. ‘Last Kiss’ is played for the people in back of the stage, because “we’re an equal opportunity band.” Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is seated right side stage and during ‘Crazy Mary, ‘Ed offers one bottle of wine to the crowd and one to Theo’s area. Ed congratulates the Red Sox on getting to the playoffs and dedicates ‘Love Boat Captain’ to Theo. Mike is off the wall with energy tonight and it’s great to see him this healthy. A shirt reading “God Bless Johnny Ramone” is given to Ed by someone in the crowd, which he promptly displays center stage for the second encore. Ed looks visibly pleased and contemplative. Someone throws a Red Sox hat on to the stage that Stone proudly wears for the second encore onward. Before ‘Alive,’ Ed talks about the West Memphis Three (sales from the Boston shows will benefit their defense fund), and he has difficulty remembering the state where the WM3 is and the name of the WM3 documentaries. The band flubs ‘Alive’ towards the bridge, leaving Ed shaking his shoulders and Mike and Jeff laughing hysterically.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

pearl jam
fleet center
boston, ma
september 28, 2004

source: schoeps cmc6/mk4 > nbox > m1
conversion: m1 > rme-audio multiface > wavelab > shntool > flac

disc 1 –

— ed’s preset (acoustic) —
01. don’t be shy
02. you’ve got to hide your love away

— main set —
03. release
04. last exit
05. hail hail
06. save you
07. do the evolution
08. dissident
09. the american in me
10. insignificance
11. untitled
12. mfc
13. given to fly
14. even flow
15. down
16. jeremy

disc 2 –

— full band (acoustic) —
01. intro
02. low light
03. masters of war
04. elderly woman
05. last kiss
06. crazy mary

— encore 1 —
07. intro
08. love boat captain
09. better man
10. bleed for me
11. blood

— encore 2 —
12. “west memphis 3”
13. alive

compiled on october 6, 2004

Audio 1

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