September 18, 1998 Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD

Show Notes

‘Aye Davanita’ is once again the intro music. Images are projected onto the backdrop again during various songs: ‘Animal’ = stars; ‘GTF’ = white clouds on blue sky; ‘Footsteps’ = water ripples. Mr. Pickles’ face is now painted green and red. In ‘Wishlist,’ Ed sings, “I wish I was the president and I could change my ways.” He notices a sign in the front row and says, “You guys are expecting to have desert first without the having the main course; it’ll ruin your appetite.” In “Immortality” Ed flubs a lyric, Mike and Matt’s solos are excellent. Before ‘SOLAT,’ Ed is reaching into the crowd; Mike and Jeff are playing off each other and Ed is singing to Mike; at one point, Ed checks his reflection in a hand mirror that’s on his amp. (???) ‘Even Flow,’ once again, Ed flubs the lyrics in THE SAME SPOT (bring that man a cue card) and Stoney is dancing around in circles. Ed reaches for his tea during Mike’s solo and loses his balance, falling backwards, laughing and spilling tea everywhere. Stone loses his glasses before ‘Footsteps’; Mike does a bluesy solo. Before ‘Mankind,’ Stone says, “We’re gonna play mine tonight, see if you know it.” During ‘Alive’ Ed nearly falls right into Matt’s drum kit. The ‘Leatherman’ lyrics are substituted halfway through with “la la la” again. ‘Elderly Woman’ is introduced with, “This is for the residents of Chevy Chase, we can’t figure out who was named after what.” The improv before ‘MFC’ is just Ed and Matt together with some lyrics along the lines of, “it’s so hard to alone, but sometimes you just gotta go … it’ll take 10 minutes or so” (sounding similar to the ‘Hold On’ improv from the 4/11/94 Boston show). Mike plays behind his head during ‘Porch’; Ed picks up the hand mirror and starts catching the lights and reflecting it back on the crowd; at the end, he flips it over, looks at his reflection, acts scared, and drops the mirror! ‘Last Kiss’ is introduced with a banner from a fan. After ‘Last Kiss,’ Ed introduces Matt and plugs Wellwater Conspiracy again; then he says, “We’re playing a benefit tomorrow. Hovercraft is opening, my wife’s in the band. I’m real excited I get to see her, we’ve been on the road so long; this is Jeff, this is Stone, and they’ve been together as long as my wife and I,” and Jeff and Stone get really red and hug each other.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD

Source: [Countryman Isomax II > Sony PCM-M1 (row U, left)
> DAT > CDR (remastered by taper)] + [Sonic Studios (DSM6S) >
PA-6LC > Sony TCD-D100 (row R, center) > DAT > CDR > dEQ] > dEQ > SHN > TLH > FLAC

Disc I
01 Intro (Aye Davanita)
02 Hail Hail
03 Animal
04 Given To Fly
05 Daughter/(I Believe in Miracles)/(WMA)
06 Corduroy
07 Wishlist
08 Immortality
09 State of Love and Trust
10 Even Flow
11 Footsteps
12 Mankind
13 Alive
14 Better Man
15 Leatherman
16 Jeremy
17 Do the Evolution

Disc II
01 Intro/ Ed talking
02 Small Town
03 Brain of J
04 Untitled ->
05 MFC
06 Crazy Mary (tease)
07 RVM
08 Black
09 Porch
10 encore break
11 Last Kiss
12 Ed talking
13 Yellow Ledbetter

compiled on 12-13-02 by Bill Graham (

Audio 1

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