September 16, 1998 Great Woods – Mansfield, MA

Show Notes

An amazing show with Ed’s emotions all over the place. Ed takes the stage prior to Ben Harper’s set, plays the riff to ‘Wishlist’ saying, “I wish I was Ben Harper” before playing ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me.’ Opening music to PJ’s set is ‘Aye Davanita’ and *not* ‘The Color Red!’ ‘GTF’ and Dissident are extremely emotional; it appears as though Ed is crying, and as a result, he flubs a few words. Before ‘MFC’ he says he had to compose himself before going on. Before ‘Even Flow,’ he comments, “It’s take no prisoners time;” he gets the words right and laughs about it. The ‘Habit’ saying is “Speaking as a someone who pahked the cah at the Gahden,” (a reference to the Boston Garden) delivered with an exaggerated Boston accent. Before “Present Tense,’ Ed says he was reading this thing in the hotel room, and he wanted to see if it said anything about the concert coming up, and he pretends like he’s reading this pamphlet, and says: “As yet another summer of drunken musical orgies comes to a close at the Great Woods Amphitheatre … Pearl Jam and Ben Harper: sold out, SUCKER …” During ‘Porch’ Ed comes into the crowd, telling people not to pull on him. Right before ‘Go’ he says, “It’s coming to a close … if this was my summer, this is what I’d be thinking.” Some idiot is throwing quarters at Ed and he launches into a huge tirade (rightfully so) and then catches himself (“Ahh, that felt good.”) ‘Last Kiss’ is started and stopped, with Ed noting, “They’ve got it now … same drums though.” The show is closed with, “Have a nice millenium; until next time.” This is one of the finest shows of 1998, with excellent versions of songs and the band in great spirits. As is often typical, the second show at the same venue is the best!

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
September 16, 1998
Great Woods: Mansfield, MA

Source: 2-source mix: [soundboard > in-house ALD (mono) > ? > dat > cdr] + [Sonic Studios > Sony TCD-D7 (Sec.1, Row AA) > dat > cdr] > cdr > flac

Editing and Mixing: Glenn Seguin and Fred Evans
Artwork: Allen Robertson


01 Throw Your Arms Around Me (Ed solo preshow)
02 Release
03 Brain of J
04 Hail, Hail
05 “To John”
06 Given to Fly
07 Dissident
08 MFC
09 Corduroy
10 Wishlist
11 Even Flow
12 Faithfull
13 Spin the Black Circle
14 I Got Shit
15 improv
16 Habit
17 Off He Goes
18 “Lawn Orgies”
19 Present Tense

01 Black
02 Do the Evolution
03 Porch
encore 1:
04 Go
05 State of Love and Trust
06 Better Man/(Save It for Later)
07 Rearviewmirror
08 Alive
encore 2:
09 “Thanks”
10 Last Kiss


Recording Notes:
The annoying glitches on the ALD source have been removed during “Release”, but it still sounds a little strange where the two sources didn’t completely gel (still, it is 2000 times better than the glitches of course). The mono ALD recording is greatly improved by the mix, basically turning it into a stereo recording.

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Audio 1

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