September 12, 1992 Irvine Meadows – Irvine, CA

Show Notes

This next to the last Lollapalooza show starts in a fury with a fast paced ‘Even Flow.’ Dave’s drumming is especially thunderous and Ed is in a crazy mood. After ‘Why Go,’ Ed remarks “Ain’t no need to go nowhere if you are here … only the strong survive … Let’s say about two years ago you’re about ready to kill yourself … maybe its two weeks ago….maybe it was yesterday, but aren’t you glad you didn’t when you get a day like this?” A very rushed Jeremy takes a lot out of Ed and afterwards he says, “anybody know one of our songs … you wanna sing it for me … this guy right here, all right. He knows the chords to ‘Breath and a Scream.’ You want him to play it?” Apparently a guy from the crowd joins the band on stage and you can hear him help Ed out with some of the lyrics. ‘Breath’ ends abruptly and Ed says “I’ve been in love with losers all of my life … hoping someday someone will love a loser like me, like Stone. Stone you’re not much of a loser, you’re a handsome guy.” Ed introduces ‘Sonic Reducer’ as “a song Jeremy would like,” and dedicates it to two pits in the crowd. Mike’s guitar noodling eventually turns into ‘Hard to Imagine.’ During the noodling, Ed sings an improv: “Children our way someday … teenagers fucked up in the head … some things I hear everyday people don’t need to say. Oh, it’s hard to feel different … Don’t want a future … give it away.” Afterwards Ed says, “I can’t believe this is it … only one more day. I predict every band that is going to play here today is going to kick ass cause they know it’s ending.” This leads into a great version of ‘Porch.’ Afterwards Ed asks, “Did anybody see Rage Against the Machine on the small stage before we went on?” Mike asks, “Did anybody else see Nirvana … Kurt Cobain on guitar over there?” Ed says, “Kurt Cobain and I made up the other night … he was right here.” ‘RitFW’ features some alternative crazy lyrics including, “The United States ain’t a free place” and “Feels so good to just get it out … we all need to get it out … vote and get it out … drop ACID and get it out.” The crowd loves it! Great prelude to the following show which ends an era in Pearl Jam history.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Irvine Meadows
Irvine, CA (Lollapalooza)

Source: Unknown Microphones > Unknown Recorder > Cass (Unknown Gen.) > DAT > CDR >

Transfer: CD>WAV>SHN by Rob Sierzega (


01 – Evenflow
02 – Why Go
03 – Deep
04 – Jeremy
05 – Eddie talking
06 – Breath
07 – Sonic Reducer
08 – Improv (over HTI riffs)
09 – Alive
10 – Porch
11 – RITFW

Total: 43:25

Audio 1

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