September 11, 1992 Irvine Meadows – Irvine, CA

Show Notes

The finale of the Lollapalooza tour is a three-night stand at Irvine Meadows in Irvine, CA. Ed is in a good mode and addresses the crowd playfully: “All right, this is it … this is fuckin’ it. We’ve been doing this shit for two months. These are some of the greatest friends that I’ll have and this is it, this is the end of this shit. Let’s just fuckin’ rock out!” and the band launches into “Why Go”. Before “Deep” Ed mentions “Sure is good to be in front of real people, my voice is kinda hurting and the reason why I mention it and the reason why I’m really mad about it is we’ve been doing TV shows (MTV Video Music Awards and “Singles” premier party) and all that kinda shit and I could give a fuck for all of them. (crowd cheers) I couldn’t wait to get back – I don’t think any of us could – and play for real people, I hope (you’re) real people.” During the breakdown in “Deep”, Ed sings an improv “I wanna live in the pit / I wanna live in the pit / I wanna die in the pit / You don’t need to bury me, let me trample in my own ecstasy, my own ecstasy”. During “Deep”, Ed sings the 2nd verse instead of the bridge by mistake, but it fits right in and they end with the final chorus. Before “Sonic Reducer”, Ed says “You probably didn’t know this, but Nirvana wanted to play a different song instead of what they had to play on the MTV awards (they played ‘Lithium’), they wanted to play two new songs even, which I think would be the greatest thing that any Nirvana fan or music fan would have liked to hear, and we wanted to play something different too. We wanted to play a song called ‘Sonic Reducer’ instead of ‘Jeremy’. It’s an an old punk song by the Dead Boys. The reason we wanted to play is I think ‘Jeremy’ would have liked that song. This is it …” Commenting on the seats in the pit, Ed says “By doing whatever we want up here, we’re trying to make up for the fact that it doesn’t look like you can do anything out there. Don’t worry, I’ll try to arrange it for tomorrow (that) we won’t have security, I’ll take care of it. (slowly an jokingly to security) I’m just kidding.” Ed improvs during “Even Flow”: “I’ve tried so hard to be someone / You don’t all get chances to be anyone / You all get chances, but only one”. The band jams over “Hard to Imagine” riffs and Ed sings “What can you do, after a certain point / nothing seems to matter / What can you do / someone told me, someone told me yesterday / ‘Today is once in a lifetime’ / Somebody told me, whispered in my ear / They held my hand / So I had to be here / They said ‘Today, today, today is once in a lifetime’.” Before “Porch”, Ed talks to the Irvine crowd “This is one of my favorite t-shirts. Last time I wore it was on Mother’s Day in San Diego at Iguana’s or in Tijuana. And then of course the back says ‘No Bush 92′. This is the coolest thing, I have a think about favorite shirts, this is my Sweathogs t-shirt from 7th grade. If I jump in the crowd, don’t tear it off, ok?” “Porch” includes tags by Ministry (“So What”) and Rollins Band (“Tearing”)

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1


D3 Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff File (DVD) -> Me -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. Why Go
02. Deep
03. Jeremy
04. Sonic Reducer
05. Even Flow
06. -improv-
07. Alive
08. Porch

Audio 1

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