September 10, 1998 Madison Square Garden – New York, NY

Show Notes

Many, many equipment problems tonight. Mike has to change guitars THREE times during ‘Given to Fly’ … but his solos are just outstanding. Stone screws up the solo in ‘All Those Yesterdays,’ leading to Ed’s comment: “Come to Madison Square Garden; fuck the song up … John Lennon would be proud.” When PJ returns for the encore, fake security guards come out with tons of archive boxes and Ed jokes about Ken Starr wanting show passes and that they traded passes for the records … a very, very long speech about how we have no business knowing, etc. Ed introduces the second encore as a “song about how we feel” and Mike plays the very start of ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ and stops with Ed saying “I’m sorry, I fucked up,” and they play ‘Soldier of Love’ instead. [Breath sign campaign update: the signs were noticed as they extended through all levels of MSG. Ed said something along the lines of it being the best organization he’d seen outside of New Jersey; and that while they’d had a day off yesterday, someone had slipped him some Viagra and he was busy doing “something else six times.”]

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY

Source: Mix: [Schoeps MK5>R-Mod>SBM-1>M1] + [AKG300b>Aerco>D7] > CDR > .shn

Extracted to .wav with EAC V0.9 Beta 4 using combined read/write offset (see logs).
Converted to .shn with mkwACT 0.97 Beta 1.

Disc 1:
01-Long Road
03-Brain of J
04-Last Exit
05-Given to Fly
09-Daughter (Mother)
10-Even Flow
11-In Hiding
12-I Got Shit
14-Do the Evolution
15-All Those Yesterdays

Disc 2:
04-Hail, Hail
06-Elderly Woman
07-Fuckin’ Up
08-Soldier of Love

Audio 1

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