Pearl Jam – May 12, 2022 Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA, USA

Show Notes

Note: Matt Cameron was absent due to COVID-19. Josh Klinghoffer (3-6, 11-16, 21) and Richard Stuverud (7-10, 17-19, 22-25) filled in on drums.

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Pearl Jam – 2022 05 12 @ Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA, USA

Show note:
Eddie opened with 2 songs before Pluralone’s set. Matt Cameron was absent due to COVID-19. Josh Klinghoffer (1-4, 9-14, 19) and Richard Stuverud, from RNDM, (5-8, 15-17, 20-23) filled in on drums. A fan drummed on Yellow Ledbetter.

1 Rockin’ in the Free World [Neil Young]
2 Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
3 Why Go
4 Corduroy
5 Quick Escape
6 Superblood Wolfmoon
7 Nothingman
8 Even Flow
9 Given to Fly
10 Wishlist
11 Black
12 Do the Evolution
13 Daughter
14 Not for You
15 Seven O’Clock
16 Jeremy
17 Porch
18 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away [The Beatles]
19 Better Man
20 Lukin
21 Animal
22 Alive
23 Baba O’Riley [The Who]
24 Yellow Ledbetter

Taper: loughney
Location: side stage right
Lineage: SP-CMC-4U > Tascam DR-07x > WAV 48/24 > Soundforge (fades, edit) > CDWAVE > FLAC > DBPowerAmp (16/44 conversion)

Audio 1

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