October 7, 1996 Ft. Lauderdale Stadium – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Show Notes

Before “Go”, Ed welcomes everyone in the front (“Concerned about you … you ok to this point?”) and the back (“wish you were here, but we can see ya”). Being an outdoor show, Ed says “There’s only one person that’s not invited tonight, that’s (tropical storm) Josephine, let’s keep her out”. Ed asks for Eric to come help with trouble in the pit toward the end of ‘Dissident’ singing “Escape is never the safest place, especially the front row”. ‘Satan’s Bed’ hasn’t been played since Las Cruces on 9/14/95 and a fast version is played by request here. Ed changes ‘Habit’ lyrics to, “Speaking as a man who not only surfs, but catches the big waves.” Ed climbs the left light tower during ‘Porch’ … not jumping, saying he just wanted to get a better look at the crowd. Ed recalls the last time they were in Miami – with similar hurricane threats – and tells a story about him praying the previous night in a cheap hotel that Josephine would “take her fucking hurricane elsewhere”. This 12-minute “Porch” ends a strong first set, highlighted by “Satan’s Bed” and a by-now well-crafted “In My Tree”. “Present Tense” is described as “(Ed’s) favorite song off the new record”. Following the “Noise of Carpet” “Daughter” tag, Ed sings as if vinyl is on his mind, “I stayed away from work today / I think of all the records that I want to play”. A fan (Kelvin) gets on stage during ‘Daughter’ and Ed jokes about how he managed to get onstage the last time they were in Miami – “a reunion of sorts” – but this time he came ticketless, once again proving that “anything can happen”. Ed climbs on his shoulders for the ‘Real Me’/’ABitW’ tags which are crowd requests (he jokes about wanting to do “Frère Jacques” and “Row Row Row Your Boat”). A strong late-set “I Got Shit” preludes “Leaving Here” and “Rockin in the Free World” with help by Ben Harper and The Fastbacks. Ed wishes the Florida crowd farewell before “Yellow Ledbetter” and to “apply your strength to life .. be strong!”

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Ft. Lauderdale Stadium
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Taper: DATfly
Source: Sonic Studios (DSM-6P) > Denon DTR-80p > DAT-M 48khz
Location: approx 50′ left stack
Transfer: DA-20 > Monster coax > DiO 2496 > Soundforge 6.0 > CDWave > FLAC

Disc I
01 Intro
02 Sometimes
03 Last Exit
04 Animal
05 Go
06 Hail Hail
07 Dissident
08 In My Tree
09 Corduroy
10 Better Man
11 Lukin
12 Not For You
13 Jeremy
14 Black
15 State of Love and Trust
16 Satan’s Bed
17 Habit
18 Rearviewmirror
19 Immortality

Disc II
01 Alive
02 Porch
03 Present Tense
04 Even Flow
05 Blood
06 Daughter/(Noise of Carpet)/(The Real Me)/(ABitW-II)
07 I Got Shit
08 Leaving Here
09 Rockin in the Free World
10 Yellow Ledbetter

Transfer by BLG
Compiled on 06/16/04

Audio 1

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