October 5, 2005 House of Blues – Chicago, IL

Show Notes

This show was a benefit for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, tickets were $1000 with net proceeds go to Habitat for HumanityThe American Red Cross and Jazz Foundation of America. 25 pairs of Ten Club tickets were made available to Chicago members for a minimum $80 donation per pair. “Elderly Woman…” is dedicated to those from the nearby small town of Naperville. “Daughter” does not include a formal tag, but there are shout-outs between Ed and the crowd. Being a Chicago Cubs fan, Ed talked a little about Chicago’s other team, the White Sox, and the baseball playoffs (at the time of the show, White Sox are leading a playoff series). The crowd’s response induced both “Cubs!” and “Sox!” chants. Ed then grabbed a Sox hat from the crowd and said, “Ok, Ok, is this better?”. Someone threw a Cubs jersey with “23″ with “Vedder” on the back which he hung on his guitar stand. After “Man of the Hour”, everyone except Ed stands up off their stools. Ed asks for requests, (paraphrasing) “don’t get used to it, but you paid one big one ($1,000), so we’ll make an exception.” He comments that he hears “Bee Girl” and something else. Jeff, Mike and Stone are all interacting with fans in front of them who are yelling requests, including the now routine vocal plea for “Leash”. Mike heard a request, walked over to Ed and Ed said, “alright we’ll do that one”, leading to “Hard To Imagine”. By the time the band finishes the song, Ed has his guitar and starts the lead into “I Got Shit”. “Given to Fly” is dedicated to Robert Plant. During “Given To Fly”, he requested and received an Illinois license plate from the crowd which said “GVN TO FLY”. At the end of the song, Plant and his players Strange Sensation come out and go right into “Going to California” (from Led Zeppelin IV) as Ed sits on the drum riser, Mike and Jeff take a seat on the stage, and Stone stands to the side sipping some wine. The band is clearly into it as much as the crowd. Ed gets up, they have some banter and Plant stays on for Elvis Presley’s “Little Sister” trading off on verses (Robert Plant has performed “Little Sister” throughout his career as a solo artist and with The Honeydrippers). “Money (That’s What I Want)” (a motown hit from 1959 that has been covered in the past by the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and also by Robert Plant during his solo career) is played with Mike, Ed, Jeff, Stone, Matt all singing the “that’s what I want!” chorus. “Fool In the Rain” (from Led Zeppelin’s In Through the Out Door) is somewhat extended, with Boom providing the essential groove inherent to the song. Ed and Robert comment on having to have the lyric sheets and then they throw them to the crowd after the performance. “Thank You” (from Led Zeppelin II) was next, with Plant taking over most of the vocals as Ed left the stage. The band is clearly enjoying themselves and thrilled to be onstage with Robert Plant. They return for another encore with “Rockin’ in the Free World” with Robert Plant playing Ed’s guitar. Mike is shirtless for the encores. Ed does the usual “catch-pound-break-throw” routine with many tamborines. After a failed attempt, he flings one all the way to the balcony, but it is then thrown back into the pit by the person who caught it. Ed sees it come flying back and for a moment has a completely surprised look on his face as he looks back to the balcony. At close, the band left the stage with Plant and Ed out front. Ed started to leave the opposite way of Plant, stopped himself, then followed him off the same way, mouthing to the crowd and pointing “I’m with him”. On the setlist but not played: MFC (replaced by Green Disease), Last Kiss (replaced by “Hard to Imagine).

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
House of Blues: Chicago, IL
October 5, 2005

Source: Schoeps MK4s > Nbox > D100
Lineage: DAT master > FLAC

Disc 1

01 -intro-
02 Love Boat Captain
03 Grievance
04 Do The Evolution
05 Even Flow
06 Dissident
07 Elderly Woman
08 Corduroy
09 Green Disease
10 Daughter
11 1/2 Full
12 I Am Mine
13 Betterman
14 Black
15 Alive
16 Save You
17 Porch

Disc 2

01 -encore 1-
02 Man of the Hour
03 Hard to Imagine
04 I Got Shit
05 Rearview Mirror
06 -encore 2-
07 Given to Fly
08 Going to California %
09 Little Sister *
10 Money (That’s What I Want) *
11 Fool in the Rain *
12 Thank You *
13 -encore 3-
14 Rockin’ in the Free World *

% played by Robert Plant & the Strange Sensation
* w/ Robert Plant

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Audio 1

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