October 5, 2004 Fox Theater – St. Louis, MO

Show Notes

PJ makes a return to the Fabulous Fox Theatre, a beautiful, acoustically sound venue, after ten years. Ed is wearing a brown shirt with Bush’s face on it that says “Expires Nov ’04.” After ‘Corduroy,’ Ed says, “It’s about time this group played a classy joint!” (in comparison to the prior arenas). ‘Alone’ again catches many off guard and Ed’s vocals are nearly spot on with the original recordings but the harmonies are missing, filled by guitarwork. ‘Wishlist’ has the “I wish I was the president …” tag and includes some language about Dick Cheney and how you can’t sacrifice the lives of American men and women for a war that appears to be profit driven … “it will be Dick Cheney who is not forgiven.” This leads to a well-received and strong ‘RVM,’ concluding the first set. Upon returning, there is a toast to St. Louis and one to the whole state with some discussion about how only 1/3 of those between 18 and 22 vote and a plea to register and vote and that they don’t really care how people vote. Ed says actually they do care (“That’s why we’re here …”) and that leads to a lovely ‘Patriot’ with just Ed and his guitar. ‘MOTH’ is dedicated to Johnny Ramone, really lovely and a nice showcase for Ed’s deep range. ‘Elderly Woman’ includes a bauble (Ed notes, “I fucked up”) and he could tell since the crowd was singing along. ‘Off He Goes’ is beautiful and ‘All Or None’ again seems to be a bit lost on the crowd (and it would be nice to see Mike go a bit longer on the ending solo). Ed turns the end of ‘Black’ over to the crowd and it is a nice finish to the acoustic set. The next set begins with the normally quiet Stone talking quite a bit, thanking St. Louis and reminding people it is important to vote. Very solid set follows with so much excitement during ‘DTE’ that someone in the front of the balcony nearly falls. A brief, cheerful band huddle follows and they go with Mike’s selection of ‘SOLAT’ to keep the momentum going. ‘Wishlist’ slows things down but has a solid ‘Save It For Later’ tag with some “please vote” lyrics intermingled. During ‘The New World,’ Tim Robbins and Ed square off and slam into each other (you can guess who won … not Ed; Tim is tall!). The fun continues into a high spirited ‘Fortunate Son.’ Ed toys with the Bush mask a bit but there is no ‘Bushleaguer.’ ‘YL’ finishes, featuring a short ‘Star Spangled Banner’ tag by Mike.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
October 5, 2004
Fox Theatre: St. Louis, MO

Pre-Set Source: Schoeps > DAT > dEQ > FLAC
Main Set Source: AKG’s > DAT > EMagic 2|6 > Spark XL v2.8 > xACT > dED > FLAC
(Patched with Schoeps > DAT > dEQ in d1t11 and d2t04)

Taper: Unknown, Schoeps Mafia
dED / dEQ: Leehro
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan


Disc 1:
01. Last Kiss 03:45.07
02. Intro 00:48.58
03. Love Boat Captain 05:15.50
04. Last Exit 02:54.29
05. Animal 02:40.13
06. Save You 03:44.62
07. The American in Me 02:05.68
08. Corduroy 05:23.57
09. Immortality 06:28.38
10. Alone 03:14.19
11. Jeremy 05:20.65
12. In My Tree 05:04.12
13. Wishlist 06:41.21
14. Rearviewmirror 14:52.66

Total: 68:20.40

Disc 2:

01. I Am A Patriot 03:35.63
02. Man Of The Hour 04:04.70
03. Elderly Woman 03:23.54
04. Off He Goes 05:42.23
05. All Or None 05:30.18
06. Black 11:02.63
07. The Seeker 03:29.58
08. Do The Evolution 04:50.36
09. State Of Love And Trust 03:49.25
10. Better Man/(Save It For Later) 07:24.02
11. The New World& 03:48.72
12. Fortunate Son 08:34.12
13. Yellow Ledbetter 06:18.74

Total: 71:35.45

& with Tim Robbins


Technical Notes:
The complete set of Vote For Change shows are being mixed/remastered and
distributed by theskyiscrape.com in tandem with blackredyellow.com, as
part of the BRY/SV series of the best PJ shows. Each show includes artwork,
FLAC Fingerprints, SHNTOOL Reports, and this Text File. If the artwork is
not included, you can find it at blackredyellow.com

A couple of edits were performed on the incredible AKG > DAT recording.
The skips in Jeremy (d1t11, 2:31 – 2:41) were patched with the Schoeps > DAT
source. Some loud talking during Off He Goes (d2t04 2:10 – 2:31) was patched
with Schoeps > DAT, and some claps at the end of that song were edited.

Special thanks to the left coast mafia, team dz, and blackredyellow.com

Compiled 11/02/2005 by Leehro

Source 2

Pearl Jam
Fox Theatre: St. Louis, MO
October 5, 2004

Source: DPA 4061s > CSBox > Sony TCD-D100 @ 48kHz
Pre-Set Source: Schoeps Mafia
Location: Front row balcony, in-line with left stacks
Transfer: DAT Master > Tascam DA-20 > M-Audio MicroTrack II > Audacity > CDWave > TLH
Edits/EQ: +4dB
Taper: tapeworm(48)


00 Last Kiss (solo pre-set)
01 Intro
02 Love Boat Captain
03 Last Exit
04 Animal
05 Save You
06 The American in Me [The Avengers]
07 Corduroy
08 Immortality
09 Alone
10 Jeremy
11 In My Tree
12 Wishlist
13 Rearview Mirror
14 -encore break-
15 -Ed speak-
16 I Am a Patriot [Little Steven]
17 Man of the Hour
18 Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
19 Off He Goes
20 All or None
21 Black
22 -encore break 2-
23 -Stone speak-
24 The Seeker [The Who]
25 Do the Evolution
26 State of Love & Trust
27 Better Man / (Save it for Later)
28 The New World (w/ Tim Robbins) [John Doe]
29 Fortunate Son [CCR]
30 -encore break 3-
31 Yellow Ledbetter
32 Outro

Notes: ‘Vote For Change’ tour w/ support from Death Cab for Cutie and Gob Roberts. I saw the pre-set but was unable to record. New transfer in October 2020. Raw transfer with no fades or EQ.

Archive: Master DAT was transferred @ 48kHz and FLAC’d with cue sheet.

Taped and transferred by tapeworm(48)
Txt file compiled on 10/4/2020


Audio 1

We offer all our concerts in FLAC format. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is used to compress sound clips without loss of quality. FLAC is often compared to MP3, only there is a loss of quality when converting to MP3. For the true audiophile, FLAC offers much better quality than MP3.


Audio 2

We offer all our concerts in FLAC format. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is used to compress sound clips without loss of quality. FLAC is often compared to MP3, only there is a loss of quality when converting to MP3. For the true audiophile, FLAC offers much better quality than MP3.


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