October 4, 1996 Memorial Stadium – Charlotte, NC

Show Notes

With the election less than a month away, this show had a definite cause: Jesse Helm’s going away party (it didn’t work). Gloria Steinem spoke in an effort to get people to think and register to vote (Rock the Vote). Concerned about the barriers breaking, people getting crushed, and the fire marshall threatening to cancel the show, someone on the crew pleads with the crowd to back up and chill out. After the first song, Ed says, “… we’re about 30 seconds from kicking in here and I just want to make sure that everybody watches their neighbor … that everybody keeps up. Don’t do too much of this spinning pit stuff or someone’s going to get hurt, and that would suck.” Then later: “…I would like the audience myself to just take two steps back. Can we all do that? On the count of three … one, two…” (crowd steps back and cheers). Ed says something to the effect of, “I knew this was an intelligent crowd.” The crowd does listen and the show continues without further problems. The mirrorball is set into motion during a cranked ‘Better Man’ and drops down midway through ‘RVM.’ Ed is into a lot of Townshend windmills and jumps and tags ‘Habit’ as “speaking as my own bad self.” Brendan O’Brien helps out on bass on ‘I Got Shit.’

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
October 4, 1996
Memorial Stadium: Charlotte, NC

Source: Countryman Isomax II > Sony TCD-D7 > dat > cdr > dEdit > dEQ > cdr > shn > flac

Digital Editing and Remastering: Bill Graham
Artwork: Allen Robertson


01 Long Road
02 “Getting to be Friends”
03 Last Exit
04 Animal
05 Spin the Black Circle
06 Hail, Hail
07 In My Tree
08 Corduroy
09 Lukin
10 Not for You
11 Jeremy
12 Better Man
13 Red Mosquito
14 Black
15 “Two Steps Back”
16 State of Love and Trust
17 (MFC)/”1060″ (^)
18 Habit
19 Rearviewmirror
20 Immortality

01 Alive
02 Porch
03 Gloria speech
encore 1:
04 Who You Are
05 Even Flow
06 Whipping
07 I Got Shit (~)
08 Leaving Here
09 Daughter/(The Real Me)/(Noise of Carpet)
encore 2:
10 Yellow Ledbetter


(^) = MFC is premiered here in a fashion, though it is only riffs
(~) = Bass guitar played by Brendan O’Brien (he had played on the studio version as well)

Recording Notes:
The best known source for this show. From the beginning of the show until “Corduroy”, there are some wind noises on the master that are basically unfixable (it was extremely windy in the stadium), but after that, the sound is great (the taper most likely made an adjustment which improved the sound).

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Compiled by spacedvest on 1/22/04.

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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