October 28, 2003 County Bowl-Santa Barbara, CA

Show Notes

Amazing show with many guests at this special benefit billed as “An Evening With Pearl Jam Acoustic and Then Some” at a small, outdoor venue (with a 10 pm curfew). Starting off seated, PJ begin off with a slow, acoustic ‘I Believe In Miracles,’ followed up with ‘NAIS’ with Mike bringing out the electric (and Ed requesting that the spotlight be taken off himself). Ed explains the cause (support for the Cedars-Sinai Center) and that “… they happen to be saving the lives of some very good friends of ours. People that it would be difficult to live without …” He talks about other “good or great” friends that are there and how they didn’t invite any “shit friends” and that they are also there because they’ve never played Santa Barbara. ‘Last Kiss’ is introduced as “… one of those teen death songs.” (Earlier Ed had said, “We also have teen death songs on our resume …”) Guitarist Lyle Workman helps out on ’25 Minutes To Go.’ The chairs are discarded as the electric set begins with ‘LBC,’ ‘Black’ and Jack Irons joins the band for No Code staples, ‘In My Tree and ‘Hail Hail.’ ‘Soon Forget’ features Ed on uke (as usual) with some help from Jack Johnson on guitar. He stays for ‘Better Man,’ which offers a different tag (‘I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,’ a Ramones’ song tag. Ed introduces the next guest saying “… personally I still don’t believe he’s still gonna be here until he actually walks out after we say his name …” and Chris Cornell takes the stage, expressing some apprehension about performing alone, without any of the members of PJ, during the middle of the encore. He offers two acoustic songs, ‘Can’t Change Me’ (from his solo album) followed by ‘Like A Stone’ (Audioslave). The Temple of the Dog reunion lusted after by fans for ages finally takes place when he brings the band back and they announce, “OK, now were gonna do something that we haven’t done in at least 11 years … now I’m old enough to be able to say that there was something that I did as an adult that I haven’t done for 11 years … I’m really glad that you guys are here to hear this; this is great!” and the crowd is treated to ‘Hunger Strike,’ followed by ‘Reach Down’ (very long version with an extended jam). John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) helps out on the Ramones’ ‘Daytime Dilemma’ and ‘I Believe In Miracles’ (played a second time). The third encore features the whole band with all of the guests.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
October 28th, 2003
County Bowl-Santa Barbara, CA
**Benefit for the Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital**

Source: Schoeps > DAT (details withheld at taper’s request)
Conversion: Panasonic SV-3800 > M-Audio 2496 card > Soundforge 7.0 > CD Wave Editor > shntool > shorten32

Disc 1:
01. Intro [00:54.50]
02. I Believe In Miracles [05:33.15]
03. Nothing As It Seems [05:58.23]
04. Immortality [08:05.33]
05. Fatal [03:50.17]
06. Thumbing My Way [04:35.47]
07. Small Town [04:58.55]
08. Man Of The Hour [03:45.34]
09. Nothingman [04:58.46]
10. Crazy Mary [07:00.09]
11. Last Kiss [03:52.49]
12. 25 Minutes To Go~ [06:37.43]
13. Love Boat Captain [05:18.54]
14. Black [07:35.19]
Total: [73:04.44]

Disc 2:
01. Intro [00:59.67]
02. In My Tree@ [05:02.46]
03. Hail Hail@ [04:32.14]
04. Save You [07:45.40]
05. Soon Forget# [02:43.14]
06. Better Man/I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend# [07:34.66]
07. Can’t Change Me$ [03:42.12]
08. Like a Stone$ [05:22.36]
09. Hunger Strike% [04:08.09]
10. Reach Down% [11:47.17]
11. Daytime Dilemma& [02:57.16]
12. I Believe in Miracles& [06:06.52]
13. So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star* [4:33.67]
Total: [67:16.06]

~ with Lyle Workman
@ with Jack Irons
# with Jack Johnson
$ Chris Cornell Solo
% with Chris Cornell
& with John Frusciante
* with everyone

Compiled on November 5th, 2003


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