October 22, 2003 Benaroya Hall – Seattle, WA

Show Notes

This show is an acoustic benefit for YouthCare, a Seattle nonprofit providing services for homeless youth. Notably, this show is the 13th anniversary of PJ’s first show (at the Off Ramp). The crowd is extremely loud, much louder than you’d expect from 2,500 people. Matt is wearing a shirt and skinny tie. Boom is there on keyboards. ‘Thin Air’ is obviously baubled when Stone flubs the solo after the second verse. He just stops playing and sort of grins at himself. Ed makes a comment, “We heard about this room and, if you make the slightest mistake, that everyone would catch on to it. There’s no chance of getting away with that one” (but the crowd is very forgiving). ‘Fatal’ is a lovely Binaural outtake appearing on the Lost Dogs release. Mike plays electric on ‘NAIS.’ ‘Man Of The Hour’ is introduced as new song, recently written by Pearl Jam and recorded two days before for Tim Burton’s upcoming movie, Big Fish. After ‘Around the Bend,’ Ed tells a little story. He explains that before the show started, an older guy in an overcoat approached him and asked if he was indeed Ed Vedder. Ed thought, “No, I’m not probably.” Apparently the guy tried to serve him legal papers. Ed notes on the irony of playing a benefit show and having someone try to serve him papers, seeing it as a test of will. “You come to play a benefit and somebody tries to serve you legal papers. It’s the most punk ass motherfuckin’ move I’ve ever known. Just fucking ridiculous.” During ‘Sleight of Hand,’ of all songs, an audience member makes it on stage. He raises his arms a little and jogs in place, clearly pumped up. However, with the band ignoring him and crowdsurfing obviously not an option, he is frozen to the spot and is swiftly escorted off. After the song ended, Ed jokes, “Sorry about that. That’s the manager of the group; his name is Kelly Curtis.” After ‘All or None,’ Ed acknowledges Mike, who receives a standing ovation. Stone then speaks a bit about YouthCare and how the acoustic setting is ideal to showcase strongly lyrical songs, which sometimes get lost in an electric show. Then they proceed to go into a full speed, acoustic ‘Lukin.’ After the song ends, Ed sarcastically comments, “that young gentleman earlier; he just mis-timed it.” ‘Can’t Keep’ and ‘Dead Man’ are performed solo by Ed, with the uke helping out on ‘Can’t Keep.’ ’25 Minutes To Go’ is a song penned by Shel Silverstein that Johnny Cash recorded and popularized. The brief ‘Daughter’ tags are ‘You Know My Name’ (The Beatles) and ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (John Lennon). ‘YL’ closes with the band plugged in and standing, pushing aside the seats they’d used throughout the show. ‘Masters Of War’ is Ed, Stone and Mike playing some heavy riffs. The audience sings the last verse of ‘Black’ loudly after Ed points at the crowd.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam (accoustic)
Benaroya Hall
Seattle, WA
FLAC format 723mb

main source:
cmc34->psp3->sbm1->d100 25th row center

second source:
schoeps (full info/location withheld by taper request)

1. of the girl
2. low light
3. thumbing my way
4. thin air
5. fatal (“new”)
6. nothing as it seems
7. man of the hour (new, to be on forthcoming Tim Burton film _Big Fish_)
8. immortality
9. off he goes
10. around the bend
11. i believe in miracles – (ramones)
12. sleight of hand
13. all or none

-start disc two-

1. lukin
2. parting ways
3. down

-encore one-

4. can’t keep (ed solo, uke)
5. dead man (ed solo)
6. masters of war (ed, mike, stone) – (dylan)
7. black
8. crazy mary – (victoria williams)
9. 25 minutes to go – (johnny cash)
10. daughter/(you know my name)/(you’ve got to hide your love away) – (beatles)

-encore two-

11. yellow ledbetter


list of edits (done at 32bit-48khz, with cool edit pro 2.1):

main source:
hard limit amplify (12db with a 0.1 db limit)
splices to second source at approx (times include linear cross fade regions):
6:50 to 9:40
23:55 to 25:15
36:25 to 37:45
1:53:50 to end

second source:
hard limit amplify (2db with a 0.1 limit, left channel only)
hard limit amplify (3db with a 0.1 limit, 6:50 to 9:40 section only)

disc 1/disc 2 fade in/out

encore 1 fade in/out

encore 2 fade in/out



there are “loose claps” I chose not to remove because I didn’t really see a need…if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

i also chose to not include the introductory remarks by the first lady (?) and tom skerrit. i always skip them when I’m listening to shows.

there is a bit of a conversation at @ 45:45 that carries into the first few notes of “around the bend”. unfortunetly that happens on both sources (at different places in the venue, imagine the coincidence), so no splice was done. however, it’s so slight that it’s debateable whether a splice would even be called for.

I debated whether or not amplifying the main source more to level the thunderous applause out, but decided that would end up compressing some of the actual music in a few places, which would be bad, so I left it at 12db which did plenty enough.

I plan on leaving this one open for a very long time…

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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