October 21, 2001 Shoreline Ampitheater – Mountain View, CA

Show Notes

Pearl Jam play considerably earlier tonight, allowing time to travel to the Groundwork Benefit the following night. Ben Harper had brought his mother out during his performance to sing a song with him. Ed takes note of this, saying that Ben had created a “difficult situation” as his mother was also in attendance and he knew she’d want to sing. [Karen Vedder was indeed in attendance.] ‘Wishlist’ lyrics are modified to “I wish I was the neutron bomb, the one that didn’t go off.” Another new song debuts tonight, this one seemingly an Ed song and with him playing guitar. He gives a long speech before ‘Last Soldier’ about the Bridge kids (particularly noting Alan and Maricor), noting that since their last appearance, Maricor had graduated from the Bridge School and was now a sophomore at Berkeley. Ed polls the band members as to how many years they attended college, and how difficult it is. “What I’m trying to say is that, Maricor, you’re fucking amazing!”
Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountainview, CA
Bridge School Benefit Day 2
October 21, 2001
Source: DAUD/FOB Unspecified Schoeps -> DAT
Conversion: DAT -> Audio CD-R burner -> EAC -> Cool Edit 2000 (fade in/out) -> mkwACT v0.97
Detailed info: With all the concerns about stealthing in the bay area these days the taper(s) wish to remain anonymous. And as many folks are known by their rig, the exact mics/preamp/etc info was not provided. This was recorded from section 102.
Disc 1:
01 – Introduction – 00:58
02 – The Kids Are Alright – 03:03
03 – Wishlist – 03:49
04 – I Am Mine – 04:10
05 – Low Light – 04:17
06 – Nothing As It Seems – 05:54
07 – Last Soldier – 03:54
08 – Black – 05:52
09 – Gimme Some Truth – 04:36
10 – Indifference – 04:47
11 – Ed Talks – 03:43
12 – Soldier Of Love – 03:04
Total: 48:15
– Track 10 w/ Ben Harper

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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