October 20, 2001 Shoreline Ampitheater – Mountain View, CA

Show Notes

Not a drastic departure from previous Bridge appearances, but a few surprises and touches. ‘Last Soldier’ is a new song, penned by Mike, with a somewhat R.E.M.-type sound. The ‘Daughter’ tag is a section from Cat Stevens’ ‘Where Do The Children Play’ (“I know we’ve come a long way; we’re changing day to day; tell me, where do the children play?”). The ‘Better Man’ tag is similar to ‘Save it for Later’ but lyrics more like Ed’s New Zealand shows with Neil Finn earlier this year. Ed says that ‘Drifting’ was written on the way down from Neil’s place and that no one can come out of Neil’s, even an insurance salesman, without becoming a songwriter. It includes the full band, with Stone helping out on vocals. ‘Gimme Some Truth’ is a big standout, with the whole band in good form. Ben Harper helps out with ‘Indifference,’ giving Ed a kiss when he walks out on stage. ‘Last Kiss,’ like ’99, is dedicated to Maricor (a Bridge School student).
Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountainview, CA
Bridge School Benefit Day 1
October 20, 2001
Source: DAUD/FOB Unspecified Schoeps -> DAT
Conversion: DAT -> Audio CD-R burner -> EAC -> Cool Edit 2000 (fade in/out) -> mkwACT v0.97
Detailed info: With all the concerns about stealthing in the bay area these days the taper(s) wish to remain anonymous. And as many folks are known by their rig, the exact mics/preamp/etc info was not provided. This was recorded from section 102.
Disc 1:
01 – Introduction – 00:44
02 – Long Road – 05:30
03 – Of The Girl – 04:54
04 – Small Town – 03:59
05 – Last Soldier – 04:07
06 – Daughter – 04:53
07 – Better Man – 05:49
08 – Drifting – 02:23
09 – Crazy Mary – 05:41
10 – Gimme Some Truth – 03:54
11 – Indifference – 06:01
12 – Last Kiss – 03:47
Total: 51:49
-Track 11 w/ Ben Harper

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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