October 11, 2004 MCI Center – Washington, DC

Show Notes

This show is the big finale featuring all of the acts on the Vote For Change tour on one stage. Each band gets a short set. Ed joins R.E.M. providing vocals for ‘Begin The Begin.’ PJ’s brief set begins with the highly relevant ‘Grievance,’ which was oddly missing from most of the setlists on this tour. The band is very focused and moves rapidly between songs. Ed talks a bit about voting and says Nov. 3rd is the day everyone talks about things changing, but he urges the people in the crowds to hold up two fingers to remind the everyone which day to go to the polls. ‘Bushleaguer’ is finally performed but the mask is not employed (although the Bush mask can be seen kissing the devil mask during the encore with all the bands on stage!). Stone is unmistakable in the orange shirt and devil mask dancing during the final songs

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
October 11, 2004
MCI Center, Washington, DC


September 30, 2004
Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY

10/11 Source: Source: DirecTV Music Choice > STR-DE845 > DA-20 DAT > CEP 2.1 > CDWave > FLAC
9/30 Source: CBS HD (WWJ-DT) > FusionHDTV3 Q > AC3 > BeSweet > Audition > CDWave > FLAC

10/11 Taper: BLG
9/30 Taper: Leehro
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan


October 11, 2004
01. Grievance 03:17.73
02. Save You 03:47.35
03. The New World^ 04:58.10
04. Bushleaguer 04:02.20
05. Masters of War 05:44.59
06. Begin the Begin% 03:59.46

September 30, 2004
07. Masters of War 04:38.13

Total: 30:28.31

^ With Tim Robbins
% REM With Eddie Vedder

Technical Notes:
10/11: Because Music Choice chose to edit out and time delay the “Fucks” in Save You
and Bushleaguer, those areas have been patched with the Sundance channel feed.
The edits are pretty seamless and aren’t noticeable. There are 2 small dropouts
in the Sundance patch on Save You.

9/30: The Late Show is not recorded in High Definition, but is broadcast digitally
on HDTV. The audio stream for the Late Show is a 384kbit stereo AC3 stream. While
AC3 is a “lossy” compression, the loss is minimal due to the high bitrate of the
stream (frequencies up to 20KHz are present), and the fact that it’s a digital
copy as broadcast by CBS.

The complete set of Vote For Change shows are being mixed/remastered and
distributed by theskyiscrape.com in tandem with blackredyellow.com, as
part of the BRY/SV series of the best PJ shows. Each show includes artwork,
FLAC Fingerprints, SHNTOOL Reports, and this Text File. If the artwork is
not included, you can find it at blackredyellow.com

Special thanks to BLG, team dz, and blackredyellow.com

Compiled 10/12/2005 by Leehro


Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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