November 4, 2016 Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA

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Source 1

Temple of the Dog
November 4, 2016
Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA

Source: Schoeps mk41 > actives > NBox+ > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48)
Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 > USB > Audacity (fades) > CD Wave > Trader’s Little Helper (level 8) > tagged using Foobar2000
Location: Balcony/DFC
Configuration: DINa
Taped and Transferred by T.J. Samulis

1. Intro
2. Say Hello 2 Heaven
3. Wooden Jesus
4. Call Me a Dog
5. Your Saviour
6. Stardog Champion (Mother Love Bone cover)
7. Stargazer (Mother Love Bone cover)
8. Seasons (Chris Cornell song)
9. Jump Into the Fire (Harry Nilsson cover)
10. Four Walled World
11. I’m a Mover (Free cover)
12. Pushin Forward Back
13. Hunger Strike
14. Quicksand (David Bowie cover)
15. Heartshine (Mother Love Bone cover)
16. Holy Roller (Mother Love Bone cover)
17. Reach Down
18. Encore Break 1
19. Man of Golden Words (Mother Love Bone cover)
20. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)
21. Times of Trouble
22. Achilles Last Stand (Led Zeppelin cover)
23. Baby Lemonade (Syd Barrett cover)
24. Fascination Street (The Cure cover)
25. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)
26. Encore Break 2
27. All Night Thing

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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