November 27, 1991 Cincinnati Gardens – Cincinnati, OH

Show Notes

From the start, Ed addresses the high amount of security yet there are floor seats in place: “Good evening, hey you guys … hey hey, look, … everybody’s wearing blue (security). OK guys get ready, the pit’s gonna get started any minute. (sarcasm) We’re just gonna play something slow so everbody’s who’s outside still drinking beer won’t miss too much.” leading to “Release”. Before raising the energy level, Ed continues “Alright, I just want to tell you something, we’d like to have you all up front up here but they talked to everybody before all the bands and we’re not allowed to let you do anything but stand in your seats, so it’s up to us to transmit. So we wanna fuckin’ rock out, we want to fuckin’ create chaos, but it’s gonna have to be controlled, so have fun tonight anyways, we all fuckin’ love you” leading into “Even Flow”. Later, Ed asks “So I guess we are the warmup band, are you guys warmin’ up? Just wanna make sure you’re still alive“, leading to “Alive”. The spoken line of “Once” is: “I got nothing to say, but the Cincinnati fire marshall can suck my d**k”. To close, Ed thanks the crowd “Alright, we’re gonna play one more, then it’s the Smashing Pumpkins, then the Red Hot Fuckin’ Chili Peppers. And there might be a really good chance that I’m gonna join you (in the crowd), ’cause it’s no fun being so far away from you”. He starts the verse of “Porch” with “1,2,3,4 … What the fuck is this world / Coming to, you can’t even / go to a concert and fuckin’ / Be up here motherfucker”. After starting the set with little to no reaction, the crowd gives the band a strong ovation to close their set.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
11/27/91 Gardens: Cincinnati, OH

source: Realistic > Sony wm-d6
lineage: cassette master > 1st generation cassette (type iv metal) > .wav [24bit 44.1kHz] > .wav [16bit 44.1kHz] > .flac
transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A > M-Audio Audiophile 192 > Amadeus > Soundforge > FLAC frontend
cass>wav: jlizard 12/xx/10
flac/txt: cps 11/xx/11
edits: resample 24bit to 16bit
eq: none
comments: tape-warble first 2 minutes

tracklist: [32:37]

1. Release
2. Evenflow
3. Why Go?
4. Alive
5. Jeremy
6. Once
7. Porch

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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