November 25, 1996 Cascais Pavilion – Lisbon, PT

Show Notes

Some of PJ play during The Fastbacks set, similar to the previous night. Ed joins them, wearing a silver suit and mask for ‘Leaving Here,’ introduced as Kim Warnick’s “husband,” while Mike watches, smiling, from the side of the stage.
Ed intro’s ‘Better Man’ as one not played the night before, notes his hurting throat and says he might need some help singing. He explains, during the quiet interlude of ‘Not for You,’ (a song for which Ed likes to discuss the lyrics and their meaning) that the lyrics mean what you hear and if it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t be there. ‘Mankind’ is dedicated to Stone’s parents (still there!), with some playful guitar. After a quick “thanks” from Stone, Ed sings a little snippet of ‘Mankind’ lyrics in a falsetto a capella, and an unbelievable ‘Even Flow’ RAWKS! Ed begins motioning with his arms to create strange shadows against the back curtain. After a mention that they might play some different stuff, a great set of ‘Footsteps’ > ‘Hunger Strike’ > ‘SoL&T’ > ‘Alive’ follows. The crowd help sing on ‘Hunger Strike,’ with Ed gesturing for help and applauding the crowd at the end of the song. With great amusement, Ed hoists Mike onto his shoulders toward the end of ‘Alive.’ After thanking the fans who have followed the European tour, Ed trades his harmonica for a Portuguese flag with a fan in the pit and drapes it over the mic stand during ‘Smile,’ then wraps it around his waist like an apron, then puts it over Stone’s face, and finally places it over Jack’s bass drum. Climbing the lights again during ‘Porch,’ Ed holds a large utility broom high, then climbs down and sweeps the stage. Ed says that ‘Garden’ was requested but Stone says he’s “forgotten how to play it.” This show begins on a high note and never lets down. The super Lisbon crowd enjoyed one of the finest … what a way to end this tour!

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Dramatico: Cascais, Portugal
November 25, 1996

Source : Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D7 > ? > CDR(2) > EAC v.9b4 > FLAC

01 Who You Are [4:30]
02 Animal [2:36]
03 Hail Hail [3:32]
04 Tremor Christ [4:04]
05 Corduroy [6:31]
06 Better Man [3:58]
07 Not For You [8:57]
08 Off He Goes [5:48]
09 Mankind [3:51]
10 Even Flow [5:21]
11 Jeremy [4:58]
12 Daughter/(Androgynous Mind) [6:27]
13 Sometimes [2:34]
14 Rearviewmirror [4:25]

01 Immortality [8:02]
02 Footsteps [4:41]
03 (Hunger Strike) [1:38]
04 State of Love and Trust [3:37]
05 Alive [11:23]
06 Once [3:03]
07 Black [7:18]
08 Smile [4:27]
09 Porch [8:42]
10 Yellow Ledbetter [5:52]
11 Rockin’ in the Free World [8:01]

The person I got this from originally listed sound quality as a B+, it could probably
be improved somewhat through dEQ. Not a bad show, lots of audience chants (at the start
of the show, after Not For You, Immortality, Smile, and during the encore.

Some really pathetic artwork is included.

Encoded & compiled & seeded by NMC 8/19/04

Audio 1

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