November 24, 1996 Cascais Pavilion – Lisbon, PT

Show Notes

Ed (wearing a mask) plays three Who songs with Kurt and Mike from The Fastbacks, introduced as “The What.” (This was actually their second appearance … the first being the 11/5/96 Vera show.) Jeff (introduced as Ed’s brother, “Willy What”), joins the group for ‘Young Man Blues.’ During The Fastbacks’ set, Stone joins them for ‘Mankind.” Ed again does the fast speaking or nursery rhyme (whatever it is) like the Berlin show during ‘Habit.’ The crowd starts a very spirited Portugal chant, which PJ picks up on and turns into a cool jam. After ‘Smile,’ Ed acknowledges Stone for playing bass guitar, and thanks Stone’s parents (who are at the show) for having Stone. During ‘Porch,’ Mike inserts a few of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Can You Hear Me Knocking’ riffs into the jam, and Ed climbs the speakers and dives. The (excellent!) crowd goes wild and Ed emerges with his shirt ripped up in back. He pulls it off and tosses it to the crowd, drapes himself with a towel and that’s it. A very on show!

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Cascais, Portugal

Source: Sonic Studios -> Sony TCD-D7 (diginoise patched w/CSB->D7->DAT->CDR->FLAC)
Generation: DAT-M -> DAT(c) 48khz -> FLAC
Transfer: DA-20 -> Monster coax -> DiO 2496 -> CEP 2.1 -> FLAC frontend -> FLAC -> FLAC frontend -> WAV -> CEP 2.0 (44.1 resample, dEQ, fades, edits) -> CD Wave -> FLAC frontend -> FLAC

01 Release
02 Last Exit
03 Animal
04 Hail, Hail
05 Once
06 Dissident
07 In My Tree
08 Corduroy
09 Elderly Woman
10 Whipping
11 Habit
12 Off He Goes
13 Even Flow
14 Daughter/?

01 Jeremy
02 chant/jam
03 Present Tense
04 Black Red Yellow
05 Rearviewmirror
06 Alive
07 Encore Break
08 Smile
09 Black
10 State Of Love And Trust
11 Porch

Runtime: 121:00

Notes: This is, in all likelihood, the same original source as the “CSB>D7” source that’s widely circulating.
One only needs to listen to “Animal” around the 0:50 mark to hear the same pattern of screaming girls to confirm the suspicions.
That said, the sonic differences between the two sources are unmistakable
(the SS is brighter and lacks the muffled sound of the CSB source), not to mention the diginoise on the SS source
and the cuts in “Corduroy” and the encore break on the CSB source.
How a more “pure,” unedited source has diginoise and the EQ’d CSB source has edits and no diginoise is still an unanswered question;
two tapers may have been standing next to one another, or one taper was running both rigs.
Either way, what we’ve been calling the CSB source is probably mislabeled.
Regardless, as far as completeness of the source goes, as well as its confirmed lineage,
this is probably the copy to call “definitive.” -bmr

Transfer by BLG
compiled on 11-16-04
Tracked/resampled/EQd by BMR on 9-5-06

Audio 1

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Album Artwork

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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