November 19, 1997 Oakland Stadium – Oakland, CA

Show Notes

The band is apparently really on again tonight. Ed plays maracas once again, this time during ‘Animal.’ ‘Even Flow’ is a long, extended jam with the band members all facing Jack, their backs to the audience. “It was so fuckin’ pretty last night” Eddie says just before ‘Given To Fly.’ After Mike plays a little ‘Start Me Up’ teaser riff, a nearly complete cover of ‘Beast of Burden’ is performed, though Eddie kind of looks down and mumbles when they reach the “all I want/is for you to make love to me” lines. (Awww, how cute!) During ‘Alive’ Eddie loses his place and substitutes “I forgot the words to the song, she said.” He then dumps wine on people in the audience and runs the ENTIRE length of the Stones’ stage, from left to right. They close with an awesome version of ‘Yellow Ledbetter,’ ended with Mike just soloing (and including a bit of ‘Sympathy for the Devil’), and the rest of the band applauding him at the finish. Stone was brave enough to wear his glasses tonight, even.
Later: Ed comes out and duets with the Stones on ‘Waiting on a Friend.’ The Stones make a total mess of the song, but Ed kisses Mick, Ronnie and Keith on the cheek at the end.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Oakland Stadium: Oakland, CA

supporting: The Rolling Stones

source: Sonic Studios (DSM6) > Sony TCD-D8 > DAT > CDR > CDR > WAV > dEdit > dEQ > flac

01 – Sometimes
02 – Hail Hail
03 – Animal
04 – Do The Evolution
05 – Dissident
06 – Even Flow
07 – Given To Fly
08 – Better Man
09 – Off He Goes
10 – Corduroy
11 – Beast of Burden
12 – Go
13 – Black
14 – Alive
15 – Yellow Ledbetter
16 – The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a Friend (w/ED)

Audio 1

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