May 13, 1993 Slim’s Café – San Francisco, CA

Show Notes

This was a secret show was a benefit to assist in legal support for a member of the Surfrider Foundation. PJ is billed as the “David J. Gunn Band” and most of Vs. (plus ‘Better Man’ and ‘Whipping’) premier as they have just completed recording the new album. The band even asks for requests at this show. Ed jokes around: “We’re accepting any donations of acid that you may have. Just put it in a little envelope with your name on it … and if we write a great song while we’re on it, we’ll put your name in the credits.” A guitar riff from Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ is played between ‘Why Go’ and ‘Alive.’ ‘Alive’ is dedicated to Ed’s uncle, Freddy Vedder. The transition from ‘Dirty Frank’ to ‘Rats’ is very cool sounding.A bit of AC/DC’s ‘Dirty Deeds’ is played.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
San Francisco, CA

Source: Sonic Studios (DSM6) -> Sony WM-D6
Generation: ANA(M) -> DAT(c) 48khz -> FLAC
Transfer: DA-20 -> Monster coax -> DiO 2496 -> CEP 2.1 -> CDWave -> FLAC

Disc I
01 Animal
02 Go
03 Even Flow
04 Blood
05 Daughter
06 WMA
07 Dissident
08 Why Go
09 Alive
10 Hard to Imagine
11 Rearviewmirror
12 Better Man
13 Dirty Frank ->
14 Rats
15 Baba O’Riley
16 Once
17 Jeremy

Disc II
01 (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
02 Porch/(Tearing)
03 Release
04 Alone/(Dirty Deeds…)
05 Whipping
06 Leash
07 Sonic Reducer

Source: Sonic Studios (DSM6) -> Sony WM-D6 -> ANA(M) -> DAT(c)48khz -> FLAC

08 Daughter
09 Why Go/jam
10 Release
11 Animal intrumental
12 Animal
13 Dissident
14 Blood

Notes: This is not sourced from the bootleg cd ‘Whipping the Dog.’ After comparing this to the bootleg cd, I believe the boot is sourced from a higher generation analog
tape and does not sound as good.

Thanks to JR for providing the DAT.

Transfer by BLG
compiled on 01-23-05

Audio 1

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Album Artwork

If we have album art available from this show you can download it here. Sometimes album art is included in the audio download links.


Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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