March 7, 1994 Paramount Theater – Denver, CO

Show Notes

‘Spin the Black Circle’ and ‘Not for You’ premier. During ‘Blood,’ Jeff jumps on top of Dave’s kickdrum. Ed gives a short speech before ‘Not for You’ hinting that he wrote it after receiving mail from a convicted rapist saying how great the band was, and he talks briefly about David Gunn before ‘Alive.’ Mike smashes his guitar after ‘Porch.’ A mean version of ‘Rats’ follows ‘Daughter.’ Stone(?) notes, “We’ve never played this one in its entirety, but we’re gonna try tonight,” leading to a 11+ minute cover/jam of ‘Street Fightin’ Man.’ Ed picks up some sticks during the end and drums a bit. Reportedly, Stone’s baggy shorts fall and remain at his ankles as he’s shredding rhythms. Mike is facing Stone, just ripping. Ed comes from the side and proceeds to wrap Mike in duct tape from his knees down. They continue to jam and Mike decides to lie down on the stage while a roadie pulls Mike’s pants down. Mike goes after Jeff, lifting him off the ground via his BVD waistband. Ed dons a Bill Clinton mask!

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Paramount Theater: Denver, CO
March 7, 1994

Source: Video Hi8
Transfer: Hi8 MASTER > Sony DCR-TRV350 > Firewire > DV/48KHz PCM > dED > dEQ > CDWAVE > FLAC



01. Oceans
02. Go
03. Animal
04. Blood (Beginning cut)
05. Garden
06. “We get a lot of mail these days”
07. Not For You (*)
08. Rearviewmirror
09. Jeremy
10. “Gunns”
11. Alive (Cut after 30 sec)
12. (Sick O’ Pussies)
13. Porch
14. Spin the Black Circle
15. “Beauty & the Beast”
16. Glorified G
17. Daughter/(Rats)
18. “Never played this song, but what the fuck”
19. Street Fightin’ Man (!)
20. Rockin’ in the Free World
21. Indifference

* First time played live
! Only time played live (as of 4/3/04)

Technical Notes:

This recording had excessive amounts of distortion. This has been fixed with some processing.
The sound is still poor, but it is far improved from the source.

There is a recording of the previous night (3/6/94) that is be circulating also. The source is the same,
but the sound quality is improved for the later part of that show.

Compiled on 4/3/2004 by DCL

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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