March 20, 1994 Crisler Arena – Ann Arbor, MI

Show Notes

PJ required that 2,000 tickets be set aside for students. A fun show, with the band playing “Name That Tune” with the audience. To “keep each show different,” PJ encores with a “few mellow song.” This is the first time ‘Nothingman’ has been played live. ‘Three Little Birds’ is a Bob Marley song. Ed jokes about a bomb threat in Indiana and then, “… they tell us that there’s escapees from the insane asylum. They can be identified by the yellow wristband.” The floor audience holds up their arms, displaying their yellow wristbands. Ed ends the show by pleasing the crowd with: “Detroit rock city, we’ll come back again.”

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam: 03/20/94 Chrisler Arena, Ann Arbor, Michigan
CSB > TCD-D7 > dEDIT > dEQ > CD-R

This show is incomplete. The last song, “Indifference” is cut about
45 seconds in on the DAT master. The show was recorded to computer
from a DAT clone of unknown generation by ways of TCD-D100 > Core
Sound 7-pin/coax > Turtle Beach MultiSound Fiji sound card. After
it was on the computer, it was resampled, edited, EQ’d and normalized
in Sound Forge version 4.5. The individual tracks were created in
CD Wave and then burned with CD-R Win. The master CD-R was extracted
with Exact Audio Copy version 0.9 pre-beta 5
back to computer and then new seed CD-Rs were created with CD-R Win.

Track listing is as follows:

CD One: 67:07

01 Jeremy
02 Go
03 Animal
04 Dissident
05 Even Flow
06 Glorified G
07 Daughter
08 Breath
09 State of Love & Trust
10 Last Exit
11 Garden
12 Why Go
13 Deep
14 Alive

CD Two: 46:26

01 Porch
02 Nothingman
03 Three Little Birds
04 Yellow Ledbetter
05 Black
06 Rearviewmirror
07 Not For You
08 Blood
09 Indifference (cuts)

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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