March 16, 1992 Kaufman Astoria Studios – Queens, NY

Show Notes

In a riveting performance, PJ shows the world that their talent is tremendous and the songs solid, despite the lack of electric guitars (and using rented equipment). ‘Oceans’ and ‘RitFW’ were recorded, but never aired. Mike plays quite a lot of ‘Angie’ after ‘State of Love and Trust’ (during a break) and later, riffs from Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ prior to ‘RitFW.’ (The PJ Unplugged was originally aired on 5/13/92.)

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Kaufman Astoria (MTV Unplugged)
New York, NY

Source: dSBD > DAT > dEDIT (level adjustment only) > mkwACT > .shn > Riverpast Audioconverter > WAV > Flacfontend > FLAC > You

Disc 1: (soundcheck)

0101 – Oceans.flac
0102 – Tuning Up.flac
0103 – State of Love & Trust.flac
0104 – Alive.flac
0105 – Black.flac
0106 – More Tuning.flac
0107 – Jeremy.flac
0108 – Still More Tuning.flac
0109 – Porch.flac
0110 – Finishing Up.flac

Disc 2: (show)

0201 – Intro.flac
0202 – Oceans.flac
0203 – State of Love & Trust.flac
0204 – Alive.flac
0205 – Black.flac
0206 – Angie (Rolling Stones)Improv.flac
0207 – Jeremy.flac
0208 – Porch.flac
0209 – Even Flow.flac
0210 – Rockin’ in the Free World.flac

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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