June 30, 1998 Target Center – Minneapolis, MN

Show Notes

Ed dedicates the show to Frank Black after the first few songs. Right before ‘Corduroy,’ he says, “I’m very aware I’m standing where Charles is standing,” (a reference to Frank Black whose real name is Charles Thompson). After the ‘Noise of Carpet’ tag on ‘Daughter,’ Ed does a good three minutes of chants similar to Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn with the band playing the closing ‘Daughter’ riff. Someone is holding up a sign after ‘Wishlist’ that says “Stone Stone Stone” on one side and something about Mankind on the other. Ed points at him and says, “This one’s for you fucker … Stone’s gonna sing one.” Stone makes a joking protest saying, “Oh, I couldn’t,” and they play ‘Mankind.’ During ‘All Those Yesterdays,’ they start the first verse, Stone’s guitar cuts out after Ed sings “Don’t you want to rest?” and Ed says, “Obviously, yes” and tells Stone “take your time, we’ll hang,” nodding to the audience. Then the crowd goes nuts out of enthusiasm, screaming for five minutes, and Ed says, “We should fuck up more often … I’d hate to be in here with you fuckers when you’re in the finals.” The band seems to draw positive energy from the crowd at this magical point. Extended solo for Mike in ‘Even Flow’ and also for ‘Black,’ but not as extended as Chicago. At the encore, Ed says he was thinking “Chicago, Chicago” the whole tour and didn’t give this show a thought and that the crowd really surprised him. For ‘Better Man,’ he starts singing the second verse, stops, the crowd keeps on singing and he jokes about it. ‘Porch’ appears for the first time on this tour, with a unique slow segue from ‘My Generation Blues’ (which can be found on TKAA soundtrack double vinyl) into ‘Porch,’ the three or four lines of ‘Porch’ sung to the bluesy tone of ‘My Generation Blues.’ Surprisingly, Ed plays guitar during ‘Porch.’ Jeff and Stone applaud a super crowd!

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
June 30, 1998
Target Center: Minneapolis, MN

Source: AKG 391b + CK63 (hyper) > Sony SBM-1 > Sony PCM-M1 (Sec. 111, Row 4) > dEQ > cdr > flac

Digital Remastering: by taper
Artwork: Allen Robertson
CD Labels: Jason Warth


01 Sometimes
02 Last Exit
03 Brain of J
04 Hail, Hail
05 Faithfull
06 Even Flow
07 Corduroy
08 I Got Shit
09 Pilate
10 Daughter/(Noise of Carpet)
11 MFC
12 Lukin
13 Wishlist
14 Mankind
15 All Those Yesterdays
16 Black

01 Alive
02 Do the Evolution
03 Given to Fly
04 Ed talking
05 Leatherman
06 Better Man
07 Leaving Here
08 (My Generation Blues)/Porch


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