June 23, 2007 Southside Festival – Neuhausen ob Eck, DEU

Show Notes

Pearl Jam perform at the Southside Festival. Before “World Wide Suicide”, Ed jokes with the German crowd, saying “I’m going to speak in English if that’s ok, but I’ll sing in German. There’s been a lot of great bands on this stage tonight, and a lot of great bands on the other side and we’re proud to be here. And I know it’s late but we’ll try to keep you awake. Thanks for being here.” Ed introduces “Glorified G”, saying “(Severed Hand) was a number about drugs. (no crowd response) Sometimes that gets a round of applause. Don’t clap for this one, (Glorified G) is a song about guns.” Following “Even Flow”, Ed lauds Mike and his instrument, “Mike McCready on guitar … the guitar on Mike McCready, I meant.” Although it’s a shortened Festival set and there isn’t much crowd interaction, Ed thanks the crowd and sums up the night during the breakdown of “Rockin’ in the Free World”: “It’s beautiful … we’d like to thank the planet for giving us such a beautiful evening to play with, a beautiful sky to play under. I’d like to thank the planet for giving us such beautiful people t play in front of. I’d like to thank the planet for creating a band like Sonic Youth … creating a band like Kings of Leon (up from the sludge) … for creating a band like Queens of the Stone Age … for creating a man like Neil Young. (all get big cheers) It almost makes up for the fact that this planet produced a person named – let’s say – George Bush or Dick Cheney (crowd boos). We can forgive them but I imagine that the planet and the people will take care of those two … with unity, and stength, and power, and peace (repeated again, and to the beat, before returning to the song). There’s a thousand points of light …”

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany
(Southside Festival, Blue Stage)


Do The Evolution
World Wide Suicide
Given To Fly
Not For You/Modern Girl
1/2 Full
Severed Hand
Glorified G
Spin The Black Circle
Life Wasted
Even Flow
Why Go
Rockin’ In The Free World


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