June 21, 1998 The Canyons – Park City, UT

Show Notes

very different setlist from the previous night! A few references are made to the recent Jazz/Bulls games. (“Hey, tough luck on that basketball game by the way.”) During ‘Alive,’ a fan (named Jake) throws a Utah Jazz jersey onstage. Eddie blows his nose in it and throws it back in the crowd. ‘All Those Yesterdays’ (making a live debut here) is for those at the top who are hurting each other. The ‘Daughter’ tag is once again unidentified, something about “go away little girl”. During ‘RVM,’ a roadie takes the stage in a bird mask with sunglasses. (?) Before the first encore, Eddie came out, jumps OVER the amps and then jumps on a roadie’s back. Eddie starts saying, “There are a lot of people in this town named Norman, N as in Nancy, Norman.” He then asks one roadie what his name is: “James.” He asks another one and gets another answer. “See, I don’t know, I just heard that this town was full of Normans.” (For those who may not know, Salt Lake City is where the headquarters of the Mormon religion is.) Then he says, “Dennis Rodman told me to tell you all to fuck off,” and then the band plays ‘Do The Evolution.’ During ‘Go,’ when Eddie sings, “Don’t go on me,” he turns his back on the audience and pretends to open his fly and pee! (Okay, now we KNOW he was hanging out with Rodman last night.) An awesome show with the band in very high spirits and playing incredibly well.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
June 21, 1998
The Canyons
Park City, UT

2 source mix: [Schoeps MK5(card) -> Rmod -> SBM-1 -> Sony TCD-D7 -> DAT (2nd row right)] +
[Nakamichi CM700 -> Sony TCD-D8 -> DAT (2nd row left)] => mixed via Pro-Tools => DAT(c)

Lineage: DAT(c) 44khz -> FLAC
Transfer: DA-20 -> Monster coax -> DiO 2496 -> CEP 2.1 -> CDWave -> FLAC


Disc I
01 Release
02 Hail Hail
03 Brain of J
04 Last Exit
05 Tremor Christ
06 Corduroy
07 MFC
08 Off He Goes
09 Alive
10 Given to Fly
11 All Those Yesterdays
12 Daughter
13 Even Flow
14 Footsteps
15 I Got Shit
16 Rearviewmirror

Disc II
01 Ed talking
02 Do the Evolution
03 Go
04 Wishlist
05 Better Man/(Save it For Later)
06 Leaving Here


Notes: This is a great recording!

There are no CDR generations in the lineage of this source.


Thanks to DATfly for the tape.

Transfer by BLG
compiled on 06-12-05

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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