June 18, 2007 Wembley Arena – London, UK

Show Notes

This show at Wembley Arena was the first “normal” concert in England since 2000, having played only Festivals and a small promotional club show in 2006. The ten club members – occupying the entire floor – sing the echo part of “we all walk the long road” in the show’s opener, “Long Road”, wonderfully. Ed welcomes all the friendly faces before the rarity “Low Light”, saying “So the last time we were back … when we came through this part of the world, we played the thing called Reading (Festival) and the thing called Leeds (Festival); those felt pretty good and only because of you guys, whoever was tehre, thank you for that, thanks for going there. (Cheers) It’s been seven years since we’ve played this building and it doesn’t seem that long, but because we’re playing these other festivals, we couldn’t be happier to get in a room this size with this kind of people”. “Low Light” is dedicated to Jeff’s wife, who is at the show. The vocal crowd shines during “Faithfull”, singing most of an entire chorus. Ed segues “Green Disease” and “Marker in the Sand” saying “so that song was about greed and this song’s about religion. And in America, sometimes they’re the same thing.” “Porch” contains a nice improv during the jam: “Oh, I never thought… (x4) / As a kid growing up … (x4) / I’d see London (x3), but here we are / We’re playing london (x3)”. After “Parachutes”, a big shout-out for Stone starts, Ed saying: “They’re talking to you.”, Stone replying: “Whaddya wanna know?” and Ed hinting “They said ‘Don’t Gimme No Lip’, so don’t talk back!” “Alive” closes out the second set, dedicated “to a good American who’s in the audience, Marky Ramone.” The band makes a strong political statement in the second encore by playing three anti-war, anti-Bush songs starting with the solo “No More”, then “Bu$hleaguer”, followed by “World Wide Suicide”, all played in quick succession. Ed prefaces all of this with a take on Tony Blair, “You know more about Mr. Tony Blair than I do (some boos) because he’s here in your country. I was watching him today answer questions about the war and I got this feeling. It’s like … if you’ve ever – I’m sure you have – you’re out really late at a bar and you don’t have any way home. And the only way home is with this guy who has a car and he happens to be really, really drunk. And yet it’s your only way home and you have to kinda get in the passenger seat – this would be George Bush behind the wheel (mock cheers). And of course he gets into a horrible, horrible crash. Don’t let Presidents start wars drunk … on power or on greed or whatever it is. Take the keys away… it’s not too late, take the keys away.” He continues to talk about his recent work with Tomas Young, Iraqi war veteran and the focus of the movie “Body of War”, to which Ed contributed two songs, including “No More”. “It really was brought home to me recently by meeting a young man who came back from Iraq and he was paralyzed from the chest down. His name is Tomas Young and he went over there to fight the good fight – and he thought he was going to Afghananistan and he ended up in Iraq – now he lives and will live the rest of his life with incredible challenges, and he’s doing great as well as he could, and he’s also being very vocal speaking out against the war. Hopefully some day you’ll get to hear him speak, or get to meet him, and until then, I’m just going to play a song that was written based on some of our conversations, it’s called “No More”. Ed later introduces and thanks the band, especially the crew saying “it’s been a tough road, when they booked this tour, (management was) thinking of the band, not necessaryily the crew. The crew’s been tremendous the last couple of weeks.” When he gets to himself, Ed admits, “I’d just like to thank you for putting up with my voice for all these years. I think I’ve written a few shit lyrics in my day, but I will say this: this wasn’t one of them (laughs)” leading to the finale “Indifference”.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam-Wembley Arena, London, England, 2007-06-18

Master/Slave intro tape
Long Road
Severed Hand
Given to Fly
I Got Shit
Green Disease
Marker in the Sand
Present Tense
State of Love and Trust
Why Go
Save You
Inside Job
Crazy Mary
Do the Evolution
No More
Worldwide Suicide
Rockin’ in the Free World

Source/Lineage: Sony ECM 717 stereo microphones–>Sony Hi-MD MZ NH900–>
Master MiniDisc–>CD Wave Editor–>FLAC (FLAC compression -8 (best compression)
(recorded the conventional [ie. old] MiniDisc way, not Hi-MD way)

Circulate widely.
Do not sell.
I have edited out the encore breaks.
This is the first time I’ve uploaded a torrent, let me know via PM or the forums
if I’ve ballsed it up.
Any and all comments welcome.
Recorded from “Mike’s side” approximately 10 feet from stage.
Thanks to my missus for all the listening, and to Laurie for laptop assistance.



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