July 14, 1993 Brixton Academy – London, UK

Show Notes

 ‘Even Flow’ is stopped until someone in the crowd who is down gets back up. Ed starts counting the people in front to see if everyone is all right. The Rolling Stones’ ‘Beast of Burden’ is covered briefly, with the lyrics modified to “… all I want from you is to make love to me” with Ed clarifying that those are just lyrics and they don’t really mean it.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Brixton Academy: London, England
July 14, 1993

Source: Sony ECM-909 > Sony WM-D6
Lineage: ANAm > ANA1 > DAT3 @ 48kHz
Transfer: Sony DTC-60ES > Monster SPDIF coax > SIIG Soundwave 7.1 > Audacity (resample) > CDWave > TLH


01 Intro
02 Release
03 Even Flow
04 Blood
05 Animal
06 Why Go?
07 Deep
08 Jeremy
09 Rearview Mirror
10 Improv (Beast of Burden > Suck You Dry)
11 Alive
12 Black
13 Go
14 Daughter/(W.M.A.)
15 Porch
16 -Encore break 1-
17 Once
18 Garden
19 Blues Jam
20 State of Love & Trust
21 Leash
22 Fuckin’ Up [Neil Young]
23 Sonic Reducer [The Dead Boys]
24 -Encore break 2-
25 Indifference

Notes: Night 2 at Brixton. This is the same source as the bootleg CD ‘Brixton’, but sourced from a DAT clone of a 1st gen analog cassette. 1 spot of diginoise during RVM. All fades/cuts were present on the WAV file I received. No music is missing from the concert. Raw transfer with no fades or EQ.

Archive: DAT clone was transferred @ 48kHz and FLAC’d with cue sheet.

Transferred by Mike & Brad
Tracked and FLAC’d by tapeworm(48)
Txt file compiled on 10/28/2014


Audio 1

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Album Artwork

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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