February 26, 1998 Queen’s Wharf Events Center – Wellington, NZ

Show Notes

The familiar tribal drums (from ‘The Color Red’ song) lead into the show’s opening. Ed introduces ‘Faithfull’ as a song off their new album, “Give Way” (which is what yield signs are referenced as in New Zealand and Australia), and says it is about his relationship with his surfboard. Ed’s chat about ‘Lukin’ includes how he loves drinking NZ’s Steinlager beer with Matt Lukin. ‘Daughter’ is dedicated to a NZ girl who had written a letter about how she was a big fan but couldn’t attend the shows because of her parents. Jack is enthusiastically applauded after his excellent drumming effort at the jamming end of ‘Immortality.’ Ed rides a skateboard onstage when returning for the encore and the band steps to the sidelines for Mike’s ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ solo.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
February 26, 1998
Queen’s Wharfs Events Center
Wellington, New Zealand

Source: unknown -> DAT or MD?? -> CDR (untracked) -> dEdit -> FLAC

01 -crowd-
02 Who You Are
03 Last Exit
04 Once (cuts out)
05 Better Man
06 Yellow Ledbetter

Total Time: 18:40

Notes: This is the first time any recording of this show has surfaced and been publicly shared. Many thanks go to SR for going through a tremendous amount of effort in tracking this down many years ago and getting it out.

Unfortunately, all we have from this show is most of the encores. It is logical to assume the entire show was taped, but SR does not believe she ever received the entire thing. The recording is very similar to the Auckland show and also suffers from the same flaws. It is in mono and has numerous small digital errors throughout. Also just like Auckland, the editing involved a major correction in tape speed. All things considered, the recording itself is pretty decent.

Edit by BLG
compiled on 05/21/2012

Audio 1

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Album Artwork

If we have album art available from this show you can download it here. Sometimes album art is included in the audio download links.


Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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