February 26, 1992 Edward’s No. 8 – Birmingham, UK

Show Notes

As the band comes on stage to start “Oceans”, Someone yells “Put your hair down” and Eddie responds with “My hair will come down when I’m fuckin good and ready!”. Later, a fan commandeers the mic and blurts “I’m going hungry … hunger strike! Fuck it!”. About to tease the Temple of the Dog song just yet, Ed quips “Do you know Chris’s (Cornell’s) part? You’re not as handsome as Chris, you know that, right?”. After Jeremy, Ed sings the first line of Hunger Strike for the fan. Lots of crowd surfing and crowd control which was common in the packed ’92 European club shows. A nice two-minute jam after Alive dedicated to Birmingham included: “We got along in Birmingham (repeated). There coulda been a fight, there coulda been a rumble, but we … we didn’t have trouble. We got along in Birmingham.” Ed also makes this, uh, observation: “So God, or Darwin, or whoever the fuck made us, they made us with two eyes, and two arms, and two knees, and two livers (editor: two livers?). And i wonder why he only gave you one heart. I think about that. And he gave you … he only gave you one penis, too.” During Once, Ed sings: “I’ve got nothing to say, but you should say you survived Birmingham”. This energetic show ends with “Leash”, preluded by “So if you’re ready to fuckin jump up and down like you do, this is your last chance”.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
February 26, 1992
Edward’s No. 8
Birmingham, England

Source: unknown mic > unknown cassette recorder
Lineage: cassette master > MiniDisc > CDR > CDR > CDR > .flac

cdr>.flac transfer: EAC > FLAC frontend > .flac

encoded by: cps 05/08/05

edits: none

eq: none

cuesheet: yes

comments: uncirculated as of May 8 2005


1. Oceans
2. Evenflow
3. Why Go?
4. Jeremy
5. Deep
6. Alive
7. improv (We Got Along)
8. Black
9. State of Love and Trust
10. Once
11. Porch
12. Garden
13. Leash

Thanks to the taper and to Dave for getting this recording out.

Audio 1

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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