February 23, 1994 Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY

Show Notes

Ed appearing solo acoustic at a show organized by Roger Daltrey in honor of his 50th birthday. His set was slotted immediately after the intermission, when most people were still out in the lobby, and was not announced. He strolls onstage dressed very low key — most of the audience thought he was a stagehand or a roadie. Ed’s performance was not filmed or recorded for broadcast (at the behest of his record company), and the stage had very little light on it compared to the rest of the evening’s performances. Very nervous and apprehensive, walking onstage to a round of booing, Ed soon wins over the crowd with his exact and heartfelt renditions. At the end of the show, the rest of the performers appear onstage together for an all-star jam session. Since Ed was not permitted to be filmed, he spends the encore wandering around behind the orchestra riser (the show featured the Julliard Symphony Orchestra) and watching the spectacle from out of the camera range, looking for all the world like a lost three-year old.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Eddie Vedder Solo
Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY

Source: ECM929>DAT>CD-R

01 The Kids are Alright
02 Sheraton Gibson
03 My Generation

Eddie Vedder Solo
Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY

Source: [SBD>DAT>MP3>DAT>CD-R]

04 Let My Love Open the Door
05 Squeeze Box
06 Naked Eye
07 My Generation

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