February 22, 1992 Riverside – Newcastle, UK

Show Notes

Ed starts off ‘Oceans’ and the rest of the band misses it and he restarts the song. After ‘Once,’ the crowd cheers, “jump, jump, jump” and Eddie obliges. Ed inserts the last verse of Sting’s ‘Island of Souls’ into ‘Deep.’ A very short version of the Who’s ‘My Generation’ is covered by PJ for the first time.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Newcastle, UK

Source: 2 Sources mix
– FM > boot 5 Alive > SHN > WAV > Cool Edit (speed correction and editing) > FLAC (tracks 1-11 & 13)
– VHS (Remastered w/Cool Edit Pro) > CD-R > FLAC > WAV (mix for track 13) > FLAC (tracks 12-16)

Tapers: Unknown
Conversion (source 2) CD > EAC > FLAC by Maleika Attawel
Editing / conversion WAV > FLAC by Xavier Lages
Quality : FM broadcast/soundboard A+ – VHS B


01. Oceans 2:52
02. Even Flow 5:38
03. Why Go 3:42
04. Jeremy 5:47
05. Deep 4:28
06. Alive 5:31
07. Hunger Strike 1:16
08. Black 5:40
09. State of Love and Trust 4:00
10. Once 3:39
11. Porch 7:39
12. Encore Break 3:47
13. My Generation 1:30
14. Window Paine 1:58
15. Garden 7:18
16. Leash 3:59

Edit notes:
– tracks from the boot were played too slowly, so a speed correction was needed.
– My Generation was originally on track 11, before Porch. The song was cut/paste in its right place.
– a bit of Ed talk is missing between Once and Porch : you can hear say ‘Four’, so the classic Porch intro “1, 2, 3, 4” is missing.
– some edit can be heard between Alive and Hunger Strike. It was present on the original boot.
– The encore tracks come from the FLAC torrent (huge thanks to Maleika Attawel !). No corrections were made, except mix of 2 sources for My Generation, fade-in on track 12 and fade-out on track 16. Original comments by Maleika Attawel : “Songs 11-15 [now 12-16 because Hunger Stike and Black are on different tracks] are VHS sourced and not really good in sound. However, there is no other complete source and using the VHS source was the only way to obtain a complete show.”

Audio 1

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Album Artwork

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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