December 5, 2002 The Showbox – Seattle, WA

Show Notes

The first of two warm-up/club shows. Setlist provides a run-through of the new album with ‘Blood’ as a big suprise (except to those who heard the soundcheck or saw the setlist). Ed completely blanks out during ‘All or None,’ apologizing for people having paid $36 to watch the band rehearse. Some of the revenues from tonight’s show will go to help build a park for children in Hawaii. There is an Ames Bros poster for the four Seattle shows (artwork is the same but one is red; one is blue).

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
The Showbox-Seattle,WA
December 5th, 2002

**Preserve the quality and DO NOT encode this to MP3**

Source: Schoeps cardioids connected to a digital audio tape deck
Transfer: Transfer: ARCHIVE Python 01931 SCSI DAT drive > Adaptec AHA-2930CU > WD800JB hard drive
Editing: Sound Forge 6.0 (remove DC offset, remove very low/inaudible frequencies under 20hz,
normalize to 99.88%, fade in and out), shntool 1.2.0 (fix track boundaries)
Tracking: CD Wave 1.71
Compression: shortn32, md5sum

Disc 1:
01. Can’t Keep [03:51.19]
02. Save You [03:48.34]
03. Get Right [02:47.62]
04. Green Disease [02:58.09]
05. Grievance [03:42.49]
06. Cropduster [04:27.51]
07. I Am Mine [05:51.10]
08. Love Boat Captain [05:09.29]
09. 1/2 Full [04:48.59]
10. Nothings As It Seems [06:14.29]
11. You Are [04:50.70]
12. Given To Fly [04:51.01]
13. Insignificance [05:10.28]
14. Blood [02:33.50]
Total: [61:05.50]

Disc 2
01. Intro [01:33.74]
02. Last Kiss [03:59.38]
03. Wishlist [04:13.12]
04. Black [06:27.52]
05. Down [03:14.40]
06. Do The Evolution [05:13.46]
07. All Or None [04:58.35]
Total: [29:40.72]

Compiled by AC on 01/03/02

Audio 1

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Album Artwork

If we have album art available from this show you can download it here. Sometimes album art is included in the audio download links.


Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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