December 4, 1996 Goa Club – Rome, Italy

Show Notes

Apparently an “invite only” gig at this tiny club, Ed plays another unexpected set, accompanied by Italian musicians Fausto Casara (drums) and Francesco Aliotta (bass). This intriguing setlist is played with great enthusiasm and with few pauses except for frequent guitar tuning changes. The largely Italian crowd sings along in a great mood. An unusual slow starting version of The Who’s ‘My Generation’ (with a lyrical substitution of “why don’t you all fuck off?”) followed by an initially almost unrecognizable fast version of ‘Corduroy’ are delightful. ‘Immortality’ features a slow start and Ed has the guitar solo here, a rarity. A ‘Jeremy’ riff is played before Ed announces, “This is a new song … my favorite new song right now,” leading to ‘MFC,’ a new, fast paced, short rocker, inspired by the traffic in Rome (which later appears on Yield).

‘Love -> Building On Fire,’ the Talking Heads’ first release, is a rare surprise. After having fun with a funky guitar tab on The Police song, ‘Next to You,’ and Ed’s enthusiasm on ‘RVM’ briefly leaves his new bandmates in the dust initially, until he slows down, makes a quick apology and they continue together. Ed is in rare form here … he apparently wasn’t ready to end the tour after the wonderful Lisbon shows and this performance is a real treat!

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Eddie Vedder
Goa Club, Rome, Italy
December 04, 1996

Source: SBD

Off He Goes
The Kids Are Alright
I Can’t Explain
My Generation
Not For You
Crazy Mary
Love Building On Fire
Next To You
Rock And Roll Star

*Soundboard recording, however, the sound is just average and has issues.
**”Around The Bend” and ”Rocking In The Free World” were played, however, they are missing from this recording.

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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