August 29, 1992 Alpine Valley – East Troy, WI

Show Notes

“Why Go” kicks off a gorgeous sunny day at Alpine Valley, and Pearl Jam comes out with tons of energy. Ed especially screams with huge power on the opener, sporting the “famous” Corduroy jacket. From the seating area to the lawn, the crowd forms one big sea of people up to the sky. Ed says “Jesus, you guys look fucking beautiful from here. Let me tell you something, it started yesterday (the show) was number 10, today’s 9 we’re counting down these shows. All of us, this family, this big traveling circus, we’re gonna miss it. We’re glad you’re part of the family today.” Ed is very animated with his hands during “Deep”, and begins a whirlpool-like march around center stage up until the final notes. “Jeremy” ends with a profusely sweating Jeff Ament perched at the front of the stage. “Feels like today might be the best show we’ve ever played. I don’t know if you know, but I was born in Chicago. And I could never figure out, I was trying to remember those bumper stickers. (Did they say) “Escape to Wisconsin?” or was it “Escape from Wisconsin”? During “Even Flow”, Ed starts to tire, but starts to make connections with the crowd up front. Mike McCready plays “Even Flow” on a shiny SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn) Fender Stratocaster (Stevie Ray Vaughn died in a helicopter crash on August 27, 1990 while leaving the Alpine Valley grounds). “I’m looking out at all you guys; if all you guys voted you could change the world, I just know it. If you ever let the Republicans win it’ll be the last time you see me because I’m moving to another country and never coming back.” Ed introduces the next song as “kinda hard to play, and hard to sing” leading to “Black”, where from atop the drum riser, Ed smashes down the mic with a big crash to end the song. Stone jams on “Hard To Imagine” riffs with Ed before going into “Alive”. “Alive” is big and majestic, with Ed putting everything into the choruses, grabbing the mic with two hands, and up on his toes in his Doc Martens. Ed gives the lighting rig ladder a ride at the end of “Alive”, just a sign of things to come. Ed acknowledges the date as the one-year anniversary of the TEN release date, and tells the crowd that when the next record comes out “just buy one and everybody make copies.” During “Porch” jam, Ed surveys the landscape, and seemingly gives Stone, Jeff and Mike a tap on the shoulder, saying “I’ll be right back”, and bolts down the lower section aisle to the base of one of the amphitheater’s giant columns. He proceeds to climb that ladder, to a landing, then finds himself perched atop the roof! The crowd on the lawn – the packed crowd – is going berserk, half-realizing the band is also in a deep jam, with Dave pounding out a steady groove. Ed headbangs atop a cable and manages to swing down into a pit of fans. Out of sight, the band slows it down, Ed reappears and is brought back hurriedly back to the stage by security guards as the band relaunches a jam, Ed returning to the stage like a victorious heavyweight fighter, and not missing a beat leading to a “hey!” chant. The lead-in to the last chorus includes “There’s something / There’s something on my mind, There’s something / I believe we can make a change this time” and a “Tearing” tag. With Jeff flying around the stage, one can see why he’s wearing a knee brace. A fan throws up a shirt which reads “Eddie Vedder for President”, and he jokingly wonders “Are things that bad?”. “Baba O’Riley” is played “for all you mid-westerners. This is on radio, so we thought we’d play it for you.” Joined by a member of Ministry, the song – not yet an encore staple – thrills the crowd. “Thanks very much, have a great day” ends the nearly 50-minute set. Later in the day, on the third stage (where an industrial noise band named “Sharkbait” played during the Lolla tour), PJ band members got together with Soundgarden band members and did a little singing (‘Hunger Strike’-Ed & Chris, ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’-Ed solo, ‘Seasons’-Chris solo). This happened during Ice Cube’s set (3:30-4:30) and there were 1-2,000 people in attendance.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Lollapalooza: Alpine Valley
East Troy, WI

Source: SM98 > d6-M > cass > DAT > CDR > EQ > CDR > FLAC


01. Why Go
02. Deep
03. Jeremy
04. “Feels like today may be the best show we ever played”
05. Even Flow
06. Black
07. Hard to Imagine (riffs) / Improv
08. Alive
09. “A Year ago today”
10. Porch
11. “He’s gonna rip it up”
12. Baba O’Riley

Audio 1

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