August 28, 1992 Harriet Island – St. Paul, MN

Show Notes

Ed begins, “Ladies and gentlemen, my new escort and friend, Al Jourgenson. Why go home? Cause we’re in fuckin’ Minneapolis – get us outta here.” During the ‘Deep’ break, Ed tries to calm the crowd: “Pick him up, help him over, get him up. Everybody, right down here. Just make sure that everybody gets up. I’m countin heads, I’m countin heads. Slow down, is everybody up? There’s still one more. Come on, right behind you. White flags surrender! Everybody get up. All right. On the edge …” and finishes the song. During ‘Jeremy,’ Chris Cornell sings backup on the “spoke in” part. “Say thanks to Chris Cornell for singing along. Thank you for singin along, too. (Stone noodles ‘Breath’). I’m making all these movements like a puppet just ’cause I think it’s probably the only way that anybody back there can even see if there’s anyubody on stage. Hel-LO! Just want you to know that we can see you. This song, I don’t know if you’ve heard it, it’s called ‘Breath’.” After ‘Even Flow,’ Stone plays some ‘Hard to Imagine’ riffs while Ed talks over it. “I remember the last time we were here in Minneapolis, and we played a place called First Avenue, you know where it is. (crowd cheers) That’s about right, everybody in the front that’s who would’ve been there. Just all you guys right in the front. But, I remember it was about midnight, maybe ten after. And all we wanted was a pack of cigarettes and we were back at the hotel. And we called the front desk, we said “Can you tell us where there’s a cigarette machine? You know, is there a cigarette machine?”. And he said “Why, yes sir, there is a cigarette machine but we lock it up after midnight.” (crowd laughs). You couldn’t even smoke cigarettes?!?! Like, I’m gonna smoke three cigarettes and go out and kill somebody?!?! (Crowd laughs) So I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with Minneapolis. And I started wondering about you guys. Are you guys OK? (Crowd screams) Are they letting you … live? Cause if there not, kill em, fuck em, or get the fuck out, I don’t know.” At the end of ‘Alive,’ Mike and Stone smash their guitars with Ed watching and shaking his head, smiling. ‘Porch’ includes a bit of ‘Tearing’: “It’s hard to be real … With the ones who ain’t real… They continually blow my mind.” Then Ed tells the crowd that if anyone wants to run away from Minnesota, they can ride on their bus and that he thinks “a lot of you need to be rescued. How about everybody on Ministry’s bus?” ‘Porch’ ends and the bass drum continues into ‘RITFW.’ “Thanks very much for coming. Have an amazing day. Take care of one another. Thanks all!” Later in the evening, Mike joins Ministry for ‘So What’ from The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste. Ed and Flea (RHCP) also joined Ministry. A portion of the proceeds from this show benefitted the Homeless Coalition.

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

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Pearl Jam
Central Florida Fairgrounds
Orlando, FL

Source: Unknown
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01. Intro
02. Why Go
03. Deep
04. Jeremy
05. Even Flow
06. Black
07. Alive
08. Porch
09. Baba O’Riley

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