August 20, 1998 Molson Centre – Montreal, QC

Show Notes

While Cheap Trick performs, Matt is snapping photos and freaking out; Stone, Jeff and Mike are on Mike’s side (also freaking out majorly); Rick Nielsen throws Mike a pick and Mike apparently knocks over several people to get the pick! Matt is outstanding during ‘Hail Hail.’ Mike kicks ass on ‘Red Mosquito’. Stone plays a cool, bluesy solo during ‘Not for You.’ At the end of ‘Wishlist,’ Ed says, “I wish I was Canadian.” The ‘Daughter’ tag includes “Mr. President, leave those kids alone.” After ‘Daughter,’ Ed says that he was going to try to kiss everybody’s ass because he hasn’t been here in a while, and then says (in French), “It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other.” Then he says, “I hope that’s what it says, I hope it doesn’t say, ‘can i have a taco supreme’ … the funny thing is, every day at 3 o’clock before i take my 4 o’clock bong load, Jeff gives me a call and says, ‘I wonder about those people in Montreal and wonder how they’re doing.’” Mike does laps around the stage during ‘Present Tense.’ ‘DTE’ is on fire, and wraps up the first set with a simple “thank you” from Ed. Upon returning for the encore, he says, “I’ve been seeing all your signs tonight, and we’re gonna do that one right there,” before doing ‘Hard to Imagine.’ ‘Better Man’ is once again dedicated to Hillary Clinton, and features a segue into a very extended ‘Save it for Later.’ At the end of ‘Alive,’ Ed grabs Mike and says, “He’s still alive.” At the end of ‘Black,’ Mike is un-fucking-believable, he is possessed, flying around, going all over the place, the whole band was watching him, and at the end, Jeff walks over and shakes his hand, congratulating him. After ‘Leaving Here,’ Ed talks about hockey, and then says, “And that’s Matt Cameron in goal,” and the crowd goes nuts. (‘In Hiding’ was on the setlist but not played.)

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
Molson Centre
Montreal, Quebec
August 20, 1998

Source: Mix: [CSC > SBM1 > D8]+[SankinCOS-11 > D8] > CDR
extracted to .wav via EAC V0.9 beta
converted to .shn via mkwACT .97f

05-Hail, Hail
06-Brain of J
07-Red Mosquito
08-Given to Fly
09-Even Flow
10-Not For You
15-Present Tense
16-State of Love and Trust
17-Do the Evolution

Disc 2
01-Hard to Imagine
02-Betterman/Save it for Later
05-Leaving Here

Audio 1

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