April 2, 1994 Fox Theater – Atlanta, GA

Show Notes

When Ed dons a straw cowboy hat passed up from the audience, Stone plays a few notes from ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ Ed weaves a couple of lines from REM’s ‘Talk About the Passion’ into the ‘Daughter’ outro. After ‘Black,’ chants of “Eddie, Eddie” cause Ed to stop talking and he says, “Hey, I know my name, and if I knew yours, I’d tell you to shut the fuck up!” The “Mamasan trilogy” is played in reverse order. This first-heard version of ‘Out of My Mind’ is later released as a single on the flip side of ‘Not for You.’

Notes provided by: Twofeetthick

Source 1

Pearl Jam
April 02, 1994
Fox Theatre
Atlanta, GA

2 Source Mix: [Bootleg CD: “Atlanta the Day Before” > SHN] + [Sonic Studios > Sony TCD-D3 > DAT-M > FLAC] => FLAC

Bootleg CD: Silver CD > EAC > SHN, encoded by Michael Morrissey
Sonics: SD 722 24/96 > Soundforge 7.0 > CDWave > FLAC, taped and seeded by David Dyche

01 Intro
02 Release
03 Go
04 Animal
05 Dissident
06 Even Flow
07 Why Go
08 Deep
09 Jeremy
10 Glorified G
11 Daughter/(WMA)
12 Blood
13 -banter-
14 Footsteps
15 Once
16 Alice
17 Black
18 State of Love and Trust
19 Leash
20 -encore break/banter-
21 The Kids Are Alright
22 Rearviewmirror
23 Not For You
24 Small Town
25 Out of My Mind
26 Alone
27 Porch
28 -encore break 2-
29 Indifference

Total Time: 125:19

Notes: Both of these sources had major issues. The Bootleg CD was originally recorded on DAT with Sonic Studios microphones, but it is at least a couple of analog generations removed, and was at some point put on a 120 minute cassette, which is more than likely the reason Indifference is missing. It is also the cause of major tape speed issues which fluctuate throughout the recording and average at least 3% off the DAT source.

The DAT master source was only just circulated earlier this year (thanks to the taper!), but it also suffers from several issues. There are small 10 to 20 second cuts after nearly every song, the source is missing both SoLaT and Leash, and there is diginoise during Daughter which causes skips.

The mix sounds better than either source alone and most importantly, finally gives us the complete show.

Mix and Edit by BLG
Compiled on 09/04/2013

Audio 1

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Album Artwork

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Here you can find a youtube video of the concert.

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